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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fender-32191 3 / 10

skeleton key for actors

Yeap this is a tweaked version of skeleton key.2005 with kate hudson shot very well, actors make the best of a thn script, not much to say about it really, wannabe actress goes and visits some famous old starlet pretending its an interview for a book or something, gets caught out but old lady let's her hang around and says she will give her some acting tips to the wannabe, lot's of talking about self immersion in role yadda yadda, basically the old dear is going ot take over her body and the wannabe will become the old lady, take over happens wannabe become old lady, oldie has the body of wannabe, drives off into the sunset...i presume to hollywood. The end.

Reviewed by kishanaaryan 1 / 10

Very Poor

Do yourself a favor and please do not watch this movie. I dozed off not sure how many times. I couldn't even continue after halfway. The movie keeps dragging and dragging and nothing else. Even if there's no movie to watch I would suggest watch anything but this one. I felt waste of time. There's absolutely bizarre plot of someone is going to say There's one then God save you all from reading such reviews. Am doing you'll a favor and requesting you to watch only if you have lot of waste time. Else just do not watch. A girl aspiring to be an actress at any cost that's it rest all is just yawning.

Reviewed by minionking777 5 / 10

Jordan Peele knockoff.

The whole movie was well shot and well acted. Unfortunately, the plot didn't really make sense. Actually the plot kind of popped up out of nowhere at the end, and it didn't really make sense that the movie went the way it did. It can really be summed up with these words- "Wait, what? Oh. Ok then." I'm trying hard not to spoil the movie, but the title of my review should give a hint. Regardless, I figured it out rather early after the long, boring exposition. When the movie finally started picking up, I noticed there was like, only ten minutes left. It wasn't an awful movie, but I'm still left a bit disappointed. Another writer should have been involved to help turn this mess into a story worth caring about. All in all, meh.

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