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Emily Hampshire as Rachel York
David Cronenberg as D.O.C.S. Commercials Narrator
Jay Baruchel as Jared York
Peter Gallagher as Charles York
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Reviewed by aronharde 5 / 10

Some wasted potential turn this into mediocrity

In 2024's "Humane" we are introduced to a wealthy families dinner party that transforms into a night of horror and betrayal. Due to an environmental collapse, humanity is forced to shed 20% of its population and after the father of the York family dies, they are confronted with a situation that seems unsolvable at first. But without spoiling anything, the siblings certainly don't have much of a problem to betray each other and go for the easiest way out to save themselves.

The premise seemed interesting enough and with Caitlin Cronenberg as the director I was intrigued to say the least. However the movie ultimately falls pretty flat and becomes a rather underwhelming flick. It's well acted and overall the production looks pretty solid. The premise is slightly stupid but also interesting and unique in its own way. However the movie never manages to evolve into something memorable. It's able to pass the time but overall doesn't leave lasting impression and therefore ends up being pretty ordinary. [5,4/10]

Reviewed by karmapolis03 6 / 10

Can we get a Cronenberg Family Dinner TV Special on Netflix?

After stumbling upon many negative reviews around here, I felt compelled to share my thoughts with my first review. This film doesn't quite hit the lows that many claim, nor does it reach the heights promised by its premise.

The core issue is rather straightforward: the script (skillfully executed by Michael Sparaga) leans heavily into satire, however, it appears that not everyone involved in the production fully embraced this idea. The film oscillates between moments of absurdity, humor, thriller, and straight-up horror, leading to a somewhat disjointed direction. While there are occasional flashes of comedic bullseyes, the constant comparison to David Cronenberg's esteemed body horror of work is inevitable, despite the absence of substantial horror elements (barring a few graphic close-ups in the third act).

The movie would have greatly benefited from leaning further into its satirical elements rather than focusing primarily on horror and suspense. This failure to fully embrace its comedic side left me feeling somewhat confused. Is it a left-wing nightmare? A mockery of right-wing extremes? Probably neither. This imbalance, favoring horror over absurdist hilarity, likely contributed to the dissatisfaction of many viewers. When the socio-political message becomes too apparent in any form of art, there's a risk of either angering or boring the audience.

Still, if viewed as a satire, the movie with its one-location concept offers an entertaining experience. It serves as a commendable directorial debut and showcases a standout performance by Enrico Colantoni, who knows exactly what kind of movie he's in.

Reviewed by js-66130 6 / 10


How do you sully the Cronenberg name? Well, this is a start.

Maybe that's too harsh, as "Humane" is a passable movie going experience, but it does pale next to what poppa David and brother Brandon have unleashed lately.

After a career in photography Caitlin Cronenberg joins her family of filmmakers with this auspicious eco-thriller debut, and it does look great. It has that. It also has the spunky yet amateurish charm of the early Cronenberg films, where horror sprinkled with macabre comedic touches is the payoff of to quickly ignored and outlandish plotlines. The set up to "Humane", a voluntary 20% euthanasia program to combat climate change, is great. Even better, a well to do family gathers for a squabbling dinner only discover that one of them will be "volunteered" before the night is over. Greater! Jay Baruchel turns in another stellar performance, this time as the fast talking, back-tracking, squirming son who is squeamish about walking the walk he's talking. Greatest!

The rest of the movie is a sibling rivalry gone extreme exercise, as the kids are literally at each others' throats. Spoiler: things get bloody. Sounds, er reads good on paper, but the execution is just not up to the task. The plot holes are too egregious to ignore, and the action not engrossing enough to forgive the sketchy story line. A thriller without the thrill. Perhaps filming during the Pandemic hampered the production, who knows?

There's enough here to satiate those without expectation, and if including Trooper's "We're Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time)" seems like a laugh riot knee-slapping inclusion, well, then you may dig this.

  • hipCRANK.

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