Vanished in Yosemite



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Kelcie Stranahan as Katrina
Skye Coyne as Jennifer
Jon Briddell as Mayor Dan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10

It was actually entertaining...

When I sat down to watch the 2023 TV thriller "Vanished in Yosemite" here in 2024, I must admit that I wasn't really harboring much of any grand expectations to the movie. I had never actually heard about it, so I didn't know what I was in for here.

And now that the movie has ended, I will say that writers Doug Campbell and Andrea Shawcross actually put together an enjoyable script and narrative for the movie. Sure, it was a TV thriller in every sense of that meaning, but I will admit that I was genuinely entertained.

There was something rather entertaining about the narrative. Perhaps it was the way that the narrative was constructed and presented, but it definitely worked for me. So thumbs up to the writers for that accomplishment. Sure, it could be said that it was a generic script not unlike many other movies similar to it. But it was entertaining nonetheless, and that is what mattered.

I wasn't familiar with a single actress or actor on the cast list. But they had a good ensemble of talents to portray the various characters and roles.

If you enjoy kidnapping thrillers, then "Vanished In Yosemite" is actually worth taking 85 minutes to sit down and watch.

My rating of director Doug Campbell's 2023 movie "Vanished In Yosemite" lands on a six out of ten stars.

Reviewed by namob-43673 6 / 10

cliche, over the top, but also watchable with good acting

The problem with this movie is that it is way too much in several aspects. Yea, so the police, the mayor and almost everyone is angry with a woman trying to find her sister? Really? That is what we are going for? The antagonist, and the "partner" is equally out there. I constantly had the feeling like they needed to enhance everything to keep the audience interest, but instead it just comes off way too much, too cliche. I was also not too found of the sound design, and I felt the ending was a bit convenient and cliche.

With that said however this is still a good watch. The acting, although over the top on some characters, is excellent for this type of movie. The story, although cliche, is well told and there is a proper flow of events and it all comes (too) neatly together. The two main protagonists have great chemistry together and have excellent dialogue. The storytelling is hurt by the over-the-top characters, but is otherwise great despite its cliche.

This is not a great movie, its more of a well acted B-film and you can definitely do a lot better. But you can also do a lot worse. This is worth a look. Just don't have any expectations, take it for what it is.

6/!0 based on above. I somewhat hesitantly recommend. I can definitely see why some might not like this, but I had a good time and I think many others will as well.

Reviewed by bigtonynismo 2 / 10

Hilarious !

Great comedy and ridiculous storyline, supposed to be a thriller I guess. To me and my friends it was far from that, the premise is laughable and the bad guys are just so lame and dumb. Switch off your brain to watch this crap, and get ready to laugh at how bad it is. Only good thing was, we did have a laugh at this film. Don't think that's what the film makers were arming for with this lame as movie. Don't understand the ok reviews from other people, but if you have time to kill and waste, this movie is for you. Myself I need it to be at least plausible and enjoyable to give this movie a miss and look for something good !

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