The Beach House Murders


Action / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sleepin_Dragon 3 / 10

Very poor.

Talented Author Sarah Brewer takes a trip to the coast, to try and relieve her writer's block, there she gets embroiled in a murder.

You know what you're getting, it's a low budget, made for TV movie, where all manner of impossible things happen, people meet and fall for eachother instantly,

The acting is what you'd expect, pretty low budget, some performances are better than others let's say.

I was tempted to switch off when the guy started rubbing his nipples, that should have been enough, but foolishly I stuck with it, I only wish I hadn't.

Not too difficult to work out who it was, it comes as no surprise.

Terribly clichéd throughout, we have the stalker who sounds like Darth Vader, we have the suspicious friends and neighbours, the array of pearly white teeth, and the irritating music, and of course the extras don't react to some heavy situations.


Reviewed by jit-23697 2 / 10

Terrible terrible terrible

Omg what did I just watch, this film is so stupid, acting is terrible.

So let's get this she's a writer who has a rich friend, meets a fan of her book, goes to dinner with another guy, comes home goes to bed, wakes up to find the fan in her bed, goes to kitchen grabs a knife whilst on the phone to police and tells him she's going to stab him and stands there threatening him instead of running out the door, my oh my what a terrible film, where do you get these actors from before making these stupid ridiculous films which are time wasting There's no storyline to this very confusing. UTTER RUBBISH.

Reviewed by nehvi 1 / 10

It's 2024 - Why Did I Watch an LMN Movie?

I'm not sure where to start to be honest. This movie was all over the place and failed to remain consistent with one plot - the mystery of whoever tried to kill the main character (Sarah, a famous novelist). Like your typical mystery movie, everyone was a suspect. It could have been her best friend (Alice), her husband (Miles), her new boyfriend (Tony), or some deranged stalker (Jack).

In the beginning of the movie, we were focusing on the mystery of whether or not her husband attempted to kill her as he had been accused and sentenced jail time for. Sarah combatted completing a novel she had been working on the past year and decided to go on vacation to a beach house (her best friend's house) for inspiration in hopes to finally complete the writing. I'm not sure how anyone who was almost killed supposedly by their spouse could fathom writing any novel, especially for the public, or travel so soon and alone after such an awful incident. Next, we were taken on the sudden journey of a newfound love (Tony) for the main character (a year after she was almost killed supposedly by her husband); usually, it takes way longer, if ever, before the victim of such a crime is able to jump back out there into the world and start dating, socializing, etc. We were then watching the main character try to obtain her hijacked laptop and hard drives, which obtained her novel, from some deranged stalker named Jack whom she met on the beach during her vacation, which turned into more conflict and was given more camera time than the main plot of whomever tried to kill Sarah and why.

A lot of the conflict could have been avoided, similar to any other movie with pointless/vain decisions and actions made by the main character. I didn't understand how and why in such a big vacation house were there no cameras. How come Sarah wasn't informed of her husband's release from jail? I thought that victims of crimes as such are called and informed of the inmate's release. Was Miles' release mentioned in the movie or did I just miss it? Concerning Tony, Sarah's newfound love, how could a man be stabbed to death right beside you and you have no clue or physical feeling of that unfortunate incident while sleeping? Tony didn't try to fight off his opponent?

Honestly, I watched this movie by accident; someone created a fake trailer on YouTube depicting this movie as a psychological horror/thriller with various clips from another movie that looked intriguing. I didn't know that LMN was still making movies as corny as this; the concept is played out and the ending was mediocre, especially when Sarah dreamed of Tony still being alive. I, naively believing that the scene was Sarah's reality, was eager for some great explanation of how and why anyone would put a live body into a body bag. Never again will I watch an LMN movie.

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