The Teachers' Lounge

2023 [GERMAN]

Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96% · 133 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 65% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 7.5/10 10 17373 17.4K


Top cast

Leonie Benesch as Carla Nowak
Özgür Karadeniz as Mr. Yilmaz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sees All 8 / 10

Provocative and Harrowing

It was never easy to be a good teacher, but it's even harder today with virtually everyone having a political agenda. A young teacher has a series of thefts in her class. She reports it to the administration, but they only make things worse. She discreetly tries to get to the bottom of it herself, only to make things still worse. Lots of fingers are pointed in a lot of different directions. Anyone who has ever been falsely accused will find this a very disturbing movie. It is so well acted that it seems like a documentary, rather than fiction. This film and AMERICAN FICTION both show what horrible little prigs today's young people have been turned into. They are basically good and want to do the right thing, but they know in their heart of hearts that they are morally superior. This movie made me glad that I am not a teacher today. This is a rivetingly suspenseful movie that is quite harrowing at times. It asks some disturbing questions and doesn't provide easy answers. This is easily one of the year's best films in a year of strong contenders. This is a German film in the German language, but it could just as easily take place anywhere in the Western world. This is a movie that thinking people can appreciate.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 9 / 10

Had me captivated

I've always said being a teacher would be the worst job on Earth. I'm not sure if it was the point of 'The Teachers' Lounge' to prove my theory right, but it certainly did that. This was nightmare fuel and we see it all from the point of view of the teacher. I lost count of how many times I said out loud, "just quit and move to the other side of the country and become a farmer" (or something to that effect).

This film had no business being as captivating as it was. I was hooked on every word and needed to know what direction it was going to go in next. It's again proof that if you have good dialogue and an interesting story, action sequences of any kind are completely unnecessary for a film to be interesting.

I haven't watched many German films, but if this is an indication of their quality then I would happily watch more. 9/10.

Reviewed by nyccents 8 / 10

SPOILER, the ending explained IMO

I give this movie only 8 stars because I think for many people, they did not get the ending--as I see it. And frankly the ending is sort of critical given the "math" theme throughout the film.

Many people have commented that the ending doesn't matter as the movie highlights human nature/racism/etc etc.

The ending does matter as the theme throughout the movie is binary-- good/bad; truth/falsehood; empathy/rule-following, etc. The film writer uses math throughout the movie to make the point because math too, is binary--you either have the right answer or you don't! Here is my take on the ending.

The student comes back to school and won't leave her classroom because (by deduction) he realizes that his mother IS GUILTY. Several indications-- the opening scene when he proves that the .001 difference between .999 and 1.0 is actually irrelevant. They are equal. (he does an equation to show this) In the movie, we have .999 "evidence" of the mother's guilt with the video and opportunity, etc.

Secondly, when the student comes back to school despite being expelled it is because he knows the teacher is actually correct and she is "truth". And we see a tear dropping down his cheek.

Third, when his cell phone is ringing, most likely his mother, he refuses to answer it. We can interpret this as home no longer being his sanctuary. After having zealously defended his mother, now he is ignoring her. Something has changed.

And lastly, he figures out the Rubik cube which again, is math which is binary--right or wrong/ truth or falsehood. The Rubik cube is solved by algorithms, and most likely, metaphorically speaking --the pieces fall into place at home and he realizes his mother did steal the money.

Subplot-- perhaps the mother did not have the money needed for the class trip.

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