A Whole Life

2023 [GERMAN]

Action / Drama

Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goll-937-199602 9 / 10

Good movie

Perhaps I am a bit biased because I lived in Austria for close to 20 years and hence can identify with the life of many of its citizens. Add to this my own upbringing in the countryside, on a farm and ypu will understand why I can also identify with much of what is hapoening in this movie. I think it is largely authentic, though set in a different age. The actors appear believable, the events seem real and not atypical for the lifestyle, the behaviour and aspiration of ordinary people in the European mountain regions. I also liked the way how modern technology entered a basically rural area and with it changed peoples lifes.

Reviewed by ListenToChris 6 / 10

A very well made movie lacking a bit of edge

I found this movie when there were no reviews, although by the time I watched it had one, which captured it quite well. Still, why not add another with some additional thoughts.

The movie is nicely photographed and there's certainly great scenery to work with. It's well acted too. Andreas' life is a very hard one, and we follow it from age about ten, when he's an orphan arriving in a remote mountain village, to his old age demise.

While I was engaged to a degree thoughout, but in the final assessment his life, though tough, isn't really all that interesting, so it leaves a bit of a flat fealing when it's all over.

Shout out to the film makers for not coming here and giving themselves a set of ten star reviews, like so many do.

Reviewed by MaMirko 8 / 10

Simple and great character development, but story feels bit dry.

Short summary: The film talks about a Austrian person who lives in the Alps. I will keep it spoilers free. The film is basically main character's life from his early childhood (late 1890) to his pensioner years (early 1980s) with some spice in between. Uncommon Drama film.

Pros: -Good montage of the Alps and film overall.

-Story is straight, so there won't be loose ends.

-Film ending is good enough.

-Movie has a lot of random events. Some of it is predictable.

Cons: -Main story line seems to be bit dry.

-Good or interesting support characters doesn't have enough screen time.

The movie is in my opinion bit underrated and should have a lot more English recognition than in German/Austrian.

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