Slime City



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
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Bunny Levine as Ruby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 5 / 10

Bright Slime, Gooey City

I agree the numerous comparisons with "Street Trash" are very justified, but personally I think "Slime City" is a far more interesting and 'better' film because the characters in this film are at least sympathetic and the overall elaboration is definitely more appealing than "Street Trash", which is – in my humble opinion – a hideous and nearly unwatchable production. At least "Slime City" benefices from a much more pleasant & cheerful atmosphere, greatly inspiring music and the light-headed direction by Greg Lamberson! This is a terribly poor and laughably inept film, of course, but it certainly doesn't fail to entertain fans of cheap 'n cheesy 80's smut. The camera-work and editing are rudimentary and very amateurish, but the gore effects are incredibly grotesque and the storyline is too demented for words. The promising young painter Alex moves into an old apartment building, unaware that the other tenants are reincarnated disciples of a Satan-worshiping alchemist who committed suicide in the building's basement. Through eating bright-colored pudding, drinking vaporous wine and enjoying sexual contact with the luscious neighbor, Alex mutates into a sticky monster who kills homeless guys, prostitutes and ghetto hoodlums. His only hope for rescue lies in the hands of his virgin girlfriend Nicole, but she loves Alex too much to ever hurt him. "Slime City" surpasses the average 'so-bad-it's-good' 80's horror film; it's a genuine trash and crap FEAST! We're talking characters (like the hilarious prostitute) that patiently wait around for monstrous Alex to kill them, obtrusive spiritual media that pop up unasked and out of nowhere, incompetent police detectives that couldn't even prevent a crime if it happened right under their noses and body parts that continue to function after being separated from the torso. The climax is particularly outrageous (in a gooey way) and over-the-top hilarious. The acting performances are abominable, but you wouldn't expect it any other way, the whole thing is simply too insane to feature any tension and the vintage 80's soundtrack is too fabulous for words. If you like Troma films, Frank Hennenlotter's Indie-flicks and other no-budget crap from the 80's, "Slime City" is the ideal purchase for you. It would be a crime against good taste to rate this movie any more than 5 out of 10, but this is one of those times you shouldn't exclusively focus on the rating.

Reviewed by Tikkin 4 / 10

Fun in a trashy way

I can't say I enjoyed Slime City too much, but it does have an element of trashy fun to it. The atmosphere is similar to Basket Case, only trashier and on a lower budget. There are some cool death scenes early on, but then the pace seems to plod for ages. There's a good erotic dance scene from one of the ladies which some may enjoy. The only reason I would recommend Slime City to anyone is for the scenes at the end, which are priceless. The girlfriend of the guy turning into slime hacks his head off, and the head splits apart and his brain tries to escape by slithering across the floor. Seeing that she is in front of him, the brain turns around to slither in the opposite direction. She then hacks him up.

If you can tolerate low budget trash this may be your sort of thing, just don't expect too much.

Reviewed by udar55 6 / 10

Great gooey effects let down by flat direction

College student/video store employee Alex (Robert C. Sabin) gets an apartment with the hopes the privacy will allow him to get it on with his virgin girlfriend Lori (Mary Huner). Things change, however, when his neighbor Nicole (also Huner), a goth temptress, seduces him and makes him drink this green elixir. Soon Alex starts sweating orange slime and the only thing that can return him to normal is human blood. Turns out everyone in the tenement are occult followers of a guy named Zachary and Alex's body is going to be the host for his return.

This is really cheap and makes something like BASKET CASE (1982) look slick by comparison. But like Henenlotter's film, there is a certain charm in the capturing of sleazy era 1980s NYC. The highlight of the film is definitely the effects work by Scott Coulter and some of it (especially the end meltdown) is totally gross. Director Gregory Lamberson, unfortunately, lets the effects down with his really flat direction and the film would have benefited from some STREET TRASH level inventiveness (that film's director, Jim Muro, worked on this as a steadicam operator). Sabin is an odd choice for a lead, mostly because he has a lisp that makes him sound like Sylvester the cat when he gets mad. Huner really surprised me as I had no idea she played both lead female roles until the end credits. Lamberson recently completed the sequel SLIME CITY MASSACRE, which brings Sabin back.

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