Slime City Massacre


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 21%
IMDb Rating 4.3/10 10 676 676


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Debbie Rochon as Alice
Lloyd Kaufman as Special Disappearance
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 3 / 10


Granted, when I sat down here in 2024 to watch the 2010 movie "Slime City Massacre", I wasn't exactly harboring much of any expectations. Why? Well, the movie's title and its cover just permeates low budget to High Heavens. But still, with it being a movie that I hadn't seen, much less actually heard of, then I opted to sit down and watch the movie.

The storyline was pretty straightforward. But it wasn't exactly a particularly grant viewing experience. The storyline, as written by Gregory Lamberson, was a bit silly and generic, even for a low budget horror movie such as it turned out to be. It looked and felt like something from Troma, and even Lloyd Kaufman showed up for a second or two.

I found the movie to have a bit too much focus on lewd scenes. And it was scenes that really didn't help further the narrative of the movie. So it felt like an excuse for writer and director Gregory Lamberson to cram in some of his own kinks.

The special effects in the movie were low key. But on the upside, then it wasn't exactly the worst of special effects I've seen in movies. So that counted for something. Though, keep in mind that you're not in for anything grand or memorable.

I am sure that there is an audience out there who appreciates low budget horror movie such as this. I just wasn't really a part of that target audience.

While I did watch the 1988 movie "Slime City" before, I have to say that I had entirely forgotten about it, so I didn't realize that this 2010 movie was a sequel to that movie, not before finding out by perusing the IMDb page.

My rating of "Slime City Massacre" lands on a three out of ten stars. The majority of the rating here is definitely for the effort that the movie-makers put into this project.

Reviewed by Uriah43 3 / 10

A Sequel to "Slime City"

As a sequel to "Slime City" this movie incorporates much of the same characteristic of its predecessor which was made 22 years earlier. In this particular film a "dirty bomb" has radiated a portion of New York City and the only people to be found there are mutants and refugees of one kind or another. As it so happens four of these people come across some secret bottles of elixir made by a secret cult in 1959 which changes them into zombie-like creatures with an urge to kill. Now, rather than reveal any more of this film I will just say that this was an extremely low-budget production which suffers from that very fact as the acting, script and special effects were all bad. However, the concept behind the movie was quite good and the movie had its moments. That said, even though I would never suggest that it was a good movie by any means-or even a mediocre one-I strongly suggest that a person watches the original film prior to this one if for no other reason than to gain some continuity. In any case, while this movie-much like its predecessor--was certainly "different" it was still pretty bad all the same and I have rated it accordingly. Below average.

Reviewed by godinamachine 3 / 10

being fair and comparing to the original but its updated ? ...

HEY EVERYBODY ITS ME (4) and today we review "slime city part 2 the reboot imagining of the sequel remake " ...THE MOVIE !!!

Now this is the sequel to the old 80s film "slime city" ... but maybe its just a reboot ? .... or re-imagined ? ... half re-baked ? .... half cocked ? Rehashed ....LOOK here is my point .... this film , although made by the same guy as the first film from the 80s just seems like a bad rip ff of its own first film lol.... same sort of story line only now its in the waste landed future ? ... to add something to the over all story i guess ? ... i mean it tries to add cannibals ?, but you see them for a total of like 30 seconds throughout the entire film .... the "slime people" look terrible in this new version compared to the 80s film slime city .... those FX are fantastic ..... the gore and slime guy FX etc are great, here .... its like a bad nickelodeon tv show where you get "slimed" if you say the magic word of the day ...exepct for the last few minutes they are on screen THEN suddenly its "oh yea they are slimy monster people lets actually do a little bit more" ...i guess it was a build up, unlike the first film where the guy was pretty much muck man from the get go ..... but to be fair im not a slimeologist so i dont really know how all that works

however i suppose as a sequel it does a good job of creating a segway into a new story line kind of .... i mean the same everything going on, so, the pudding plus the booze = slime horny people that need to kill ..... so i guess that the same city that was once lived in by the people from the first movie , gets bombed and then new bums / homeless people trying to get by in the ruins of the end of the world area finds the old pudding /booze .... okay sound like a plan .... kind of retold the story from the first film ...but said the cult leader had a soup kitchen and his daughter kept watch, in the first film her mom took watch over the pudding and booze in an apartment complex until the daughter took over .... why not just keep it as an apartment building ? ... ive never understood why story get changed up so drastically in a tiny detail that no one would care about unless you think about it for one minute ....

the digital look doesnt sit well for this at all.... if it would have had the gritty 80s film look it could have maybe gotten a couple of points from that BUT it just looks cheaper being so clean when its a film about grit, dirty slimy gross stuff ....

acting : in a b film i never hate on because well .... you know

the fx :.... WOW ... bro , im 100% sure you spent more on the digital brain eye in this than the entire brain pop out scene from the 88 film lol..... and it looks bad here , i wish it would have been a real brain eye thing ... would have been cool.... practical ALL THE WAY ....the "slime" FX here ...come on now ..your telling me you coulndt have spent an extra 10 minutes at the very least to slap some toilet paper chunks on their faces or something to give them a little more grossness to the look instead of just let me sneeze in your face ...okay close enough .... because sure the multi coloured slime is neat if your in a black light rave for jello jigglers .... but here ... make them nasty ....give them gross flesh under there like the first film ..... prosthetics are not expensive now to buy OR make (i know i literally make them !!!!) heck next film man hit me up ill gladly do you some awesome work !!! ..yes again i state the edning they DID have more going on ... but i dont know just seemed weird to save it for the end when the first film he was like that all through it .... again why change the base of the first film when its not needed ...yea yea its your film who m i to tell you what to do with it i get it .... jeez i was just sayin it didnt make sense .... gaaa lol

editing: i felt it was like if ....a dog on meth, was distracted kind of thought about editing this , then smashed a bunch of keys and hoped .... i mean it IS edited ... and it DOES make sense over all BUT its just ... kind of boring the ways its done ....very back and forth in an almost timed manner , could have been just BAM back story and go ....

so im not trying to bash the film especially not from the guy who made "killer rack" and "gruesome johnny" both awesome indie films ... both i loved .... but i have to be honest and fair in all i do .... so


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