Saving Bikini Bottom: The Sandy Cheeks Movie


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 3.9/10 10 148 148


Top cast

Clancy Brown as Mr. Krabs / Clyde / Neighbor #1 / Bottomite #2 / Bottomite Crowd
Grey Griffin as Ma Cheeks / Granny Cheeks / Rowdy Cheeks / Rosie Cheeks
Kari Wahlgren as SeaPals Kid
Tom Kenny as SpongeBob / Tiny SpongeBobs / Gary / Sonny / Lil' Frito / Neighbor #2 / French Narrator / Puter / Male Bottomite / Bottomite #5
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chu-77355 1 / 10

This movie is ass

This movie was a waste of my time and Nickelodeon's money the actors were trash and so was the script. The plot was basic and dumb, and don't get me started on the animation why did they randomly add live action actors. SpongeBob and he's friends are animated so poorly it hurts my eyes. This was the worst movie than any other SpongeBob movie and I will NOT! Recommend this god awful, annoying, REPULSIVE, movie. This was just a stupid cash grab movie for Nickelodeon to get some more money in their greedy, crusty, musty and DUSTY pockets this movie literally ruined the show for me it has bad season 13 humor that nobody in their RIGHT MIND watches if I could give 0 stars I WOULD.

Reviewed by verysadjuilo 10 / 10

saving peak: the sandy peak cinema

Downvote the positive reviews all you want but this movie is really fun. I think the spin off movies for netflix (which are like extended tv movies) are a great way to give the other characters more spotlight and backstory. I really liked the cheeks family and the backstory of Sandy being in a circus with her family before she moved into the ocean. I liked the plot of the entire bikini bottom being scooped up by the scientists that sandy use to work for, just so they can clone the characters into marketable toys. The villian is very goofy and over the top cartoony despite being live action was pretty funny mixed with the dry humor with her 2 employees. The entire movie is very surreal with crazy visuals, and the actual animation is extremely expressive and fluid for a straight to streaming movie. I'm impressed they were able to have the characters (especially spongebob) have the exaggerated spongebob style in 3D, it has very strong boarding and poses. It's very goofy and silly, i think some people need more whimsy and fun into their lives. Yeehaw.

Reviewed by cashworld 1 / 10

Complete Garbage

I'll be completely honest, my expectations were never high for this movie, although I did predict that it would be better than Sponge on the Run based on its premise. The prospect of getting to know Sandy's family has always intrigued me, and I was hopeful that this movie would offer a deep dive into Sandy's relationship with her family and potentially establish a character arc. Unfortunately, this film did not fulfill any of these expectations. Sandy's family members are one-dimensional stereotypes who lack intriguing backstories of any kind, which left me feeling disinterested throughout all of the sequences featuring them. The movie also lacks a coherent plot, containing numerous scenes that are simply unnecessary or feel disjointed. Two of the most blatant examples are the snake gang and police chase scenes. Neither of these scenes do anything to progress the story forward in any meaningful way, leading me to believe that these scenes were written to distract the viewers from the bare-bones storyline. The cheap animation is another fatal flaw that this movie suffers from. Many of the scenes that take place in Bikini Bottom feel a lot like video game cutscenes due to the cheapness of the animation. The animation during Sue Nahmee's flashback is also a complete embarrassment. The animators somehow thought it was a good idea to poorly photoshop Sue's head onto a child's body instead of hiring an actual child actor to do the job for them. Speaking of Sue Nahmee, I have no idea what the writers were thinking when they came up with her character. Nothing about her is appealing whatsoever and her motives are cliché and downright ridiculous. The way that Sue Nahmee is defeated is also abrupt and confusing, with her turning into a fish and virtually disappearing from the storyline afterwards.

Additionally, the live-action segments are cringeworthy and showcase everything that is wrong with Nickelodeon in its current state. None of the actors looked like they wanted to be there, and the entire thing felt extremely corporate and reeked of executive interference. Lastly, the film completely lacks any form of actual humor, with attempts at jokes, such as the one about streaming on demand, falling flat and contributing to the corporate feel. There is also an entire scene in which SpongeBob tickles the feet of people at the water park, which made me audibly cringe when I watched it. Overall, this movie is a train wreck and an absolute disgrace to the SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. It lacks the energy of the first two movies and feels like a watered-down, corporate rendition of what was once a brilliant series. I am delighted to see that other users have been able to enjoy this movie, but personally it isn't for me and I will certainly never watch it again.

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