Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 17% · 6 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 4.6/10 10 1844 1.8K

Top cast

Kevin Michael Richardson as Buzz Buzzard
Tom Kenny as Wally Walrus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaysmith-904-879567 4 / 10

Terrible for the adults, fine for the kids

My little boy is five, he thinks this movie is great. Which is good for him and me. Unfortunately, this isn't one of those movies that caters for adults too. You will likely only find it funny or entertaining if you are five (or near five).

On a side note, I noticed a couple people voted this movie as a seven. I worry for these people. How are you scaling this stuff? This is why IMDB has to be taken with a pinch of salt these days, since streaming, the scores are not good.

Anyway, this is a movie with woody woodpecker and the chick you used to be hot in 'Weeds'. She's sixty now you know? Still looks pretty good.

Am I at the limt yet? Oh yeah, there now - bye!


Reviewed by jeremycrimsonfox 6 / 10

Mostly For Kids, But Better Than the First Live-Action Film

Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp is a Netfix exclusive movie starring the wacky woodpecker from the era of classic cartoons, and serves as a sequel to that horrible live action film from 2017.

After causing too much chaos, the ranger tells Woody to leave his home in the forest until he learns about teamwork. He finds it in Camp Woo Hoo, a STEAM camp (STEAM being short for science,technology, engineering, art, and math) and befriends the campers. It is about time for the Wilderness Games, an event where Woo Hoo loses to Camp Hoo Rah, and this year, the camp counselor, Zane Mallard, has decided to team up with Buzz Buzzard to get Camp Woo Hoo shut down, although Buzz is wanting to find the gold left by an ancestor of the camp counselors.

This movie is mostly for the kids, as it is basically Woody learning an important life lesson while going into cartoon battles. An improvement from its awful predecessor is that it actually includes Buzz Buzzard and Wally Walrus, two of Woody's greatest enemies, in this movies, which is a huge upgrade to the two generic poachers of last film.

However, the film does have it flaws, as it is a typical outcast goes to save a camp story done in past movies like Ernest Goes to Camp, and this is not going to be of interest for those who grew up watching the Woody Woodpecker cartoons of old, but this is a good movie for kids and a way to introduce them to the mischievous woodpecker.

Reviewed by arassilver 4 / 10

Just for serious fan

When I was little, I was captivated by popular cartoon series, including the adventures of this woodpecker. Therefore, when it was announced that there would be a live-action/animated slapstick comedy film featuring Woody Woodpecker, I eagerly anticipated its release, but..

This particular film fails to resonate with contemporary audiences, appealing neither to adults nor children. Its humor lacks depth, the acting appears unconvincing and at times exaggerated, and the story-line feels contrived, rendering it unsuitable for present-day viewers, in my opinion. It seems to cater more to existing fans rather than attracting new ones.

While it might have been entertaining in its time, the film falls short of contemporary standards. It could serve as a fallback option if you happen to have a surplus of free time and no other viewing alternatives, but it's not really a recommended choice for a discerning audience seeking engaging and serious content.

Despite attempting to convey a moral message, the film does so in a shallow manner. It's evident that there's room for improvement in the quality of animation and storytelling. Hopefully, they can enhance the depth and sophistication of their future animated films, delivering more impactful and resonant messages to their audience.

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