MXP: Most Xtreme Primate


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 38%
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Robby Benson as Edward
Michael Teigen as Ticket Agent #1
Gwynyth Walsh as Julie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cfc3 3 / 10

There's no way a chimp could do that

At the outset, I must warn everyone that I am an avid snowboarder and I have worked with many primates. One thing I can say for sure is that this plot is simply unbelievable.

I have seen the previous two installments of MVP, but this one by far is off the deep end. First, a chimp playing hockey. Yeah, I can see that. Then, a chimp skateboarding. A little less believable, but possible. But a chimp snowboarding? I think we're bordering on ridiculous now.

I've worked with chimps, and certainly, they're intelligent enough to communicate in sign language, and convey their feelings. But snowboarding? What's next in MVP IV, a chimp that can cure cancer? I mean, come on. Let's not forget, that this animal will OFTEN throw its feces at anyone within 50 feet. Sure, I understand that they're trainable, and come off well on the big screen. But snowboarding? Why not have a lawyer show with MVP giving birth to a donkey? At least science makes that a possibility. This just isn't worth it, folks. Unless you'd like to build a stable in your backyard for your unicorns or ride a giraffe to work backwards, then don't watch this movie. It's pure fantasy. I mean, a chimp that snowboards? C'mon.

Reviewed by artfarfle 3 / 10

This Monkey is EXTREME to the MAX!

This movie has a monkey in it who snowboards! He doesn't just snowboard he snowboards so hard and in your face that the only way to possibly describe this monkey's method of snowboarding is to call it.... "extreme!"

He is extreme to the max! If you saw the first 17 MVP movies about a primate who first is a huge hockey star, then a skateboarding star, then a huge star in about 139 other sports that there's no way the rules would actually allow him to even play, then you'll love this new movie where he is snowboarding to the extreme!

This movie has tons of drama and heart as you will wonder if the monkey will succeed in the end. Sure he did it in all the other movies but will he succeed again in yet another sport? Surely he can't be a champion in every sport he tries can he?

More important than that this movie has all kinds of "monkeying around" if you know what I mean.... monkey jokes is what I mean!

My score is 600 billion stars!

Reviewed by requiem2872 10 / 10

Full Frontal Monkey

It's no wonder they added the "X" in the title of this sequel to MVP and MVP 2. It has the best monkey shower scene I've ever seen. This monkey nudity only served to make the primate more "human" so I can understand it's inclusion in the film. With out it, it would have been merely a typical animal sports movie in the tradition of Air Bud.

I haven't seen monkeys and humans bond this well, since "Gorillas in the Mist". Not only does the monkey take a shower, but he also brushes his teeth, shave with a razor, plays the drums, plays video games, drinks a frozen drink and gets brain freeze, and oh yeah he snowboards too. What will Jack do next? I for one can't wait. Opposable thumbs way up!!!

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