Air Bud: Spikes Back


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49% · 50K ratings
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Edie McClurg as Gram Gram
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_gladman 4 / 10

Just like red tick beer...Needs more dog.

I will start by saying I watched this after watching the first 3 movies back to back (seventh innings fetch was stolen from from video store, but that's a whole other story). If you have watched any other Air Bud movies then you already know the basic script. If you haven't stop reading right now and go watch the first one because your life is incomplete.

Basic story line. Bad team gets great when Bud joins, he misses the final game then comes back before the end and they win, then he ends up playing with the worlds best.

What is different about this one is the main character is now Josh's sister after Josh has gone to college. She is a massive drainer the whole movie and try's to steal the movie from Air Bud. I think Bud really wanted to punch her in the face and turn this into a boxing movie but that is probably less family friendly story line.

Fist issue. At the start the bad guy's are trying to steal a gem which who even knows why that was even in Fernfield, no one ever went to see it. It just sat there in the school being guarded by an overweight security guard.

Second issue. The little kid eats approximately 20 ice creams across the 80 minute movie. So once every 4 minutes this kid is stuffing his face with more ice cream, I'm not picking on his choice of diet however not once during the whole movie does he get an ice cream headache. Massive let down there!

Third issue. I can't be exactly sure of the time but last time I checked I was 51 minutes into this movie and Bud hadn't even touched a volleyball. For a movie about a dog playing volleyball, I don't expect to wait over 3/4 of the movie to see a dog playing volleyball!

Finally the volleyball scenes were pathetic at best. They constantly looped the same shot of Bud setting the ball, followed by the tall guy jumping, followed by random person A and B diving in the sand and missing the ball. They probably could have got a few more different shots. The scoring is also all wrong the writers could have at least googled the rules of volleyball beforehand.

However in true Air Bud form you still get the same fuzzy feeling when you see him running in wearing the team colours for the first time and how excited he looks after winning a point. You can't help but still get excited watching him play sport.

Reviewed by iamjackssmirkingreve-905-307235 3 / 10

More like Air Bud: Set Backs

First, the movie lost a star because of the inaccurate title. Buddy is a setter not a spiker. They even note that fact in the movie.

It was succinct and non-stop. Very little happened in the movie that didn't add to a character's motivation or advance the plot. Unless you consider the plot to be "Buddy plays volleyball" then nothing advances the plot the entire movie. That overlooks the true plot of the movie though, "Buddy robs a... museum?"

The subplot of the movie focuses on Marv and Stretch trying to steal a tennis ball sized piece of glass cut like a diamond from what is either a summer camp office, a ranger station, or a museum with a lot of sensors and a stereotypical fat rent-a-cop. How do you get past the lasers? A dog of course.

But, they fail. After setting off the laser they escape but have to chase Buddy and are recognized by the guard from casing the joint (or working in their daily job or something).

That's the first problem with the plan. It's unnecessary. Their main conflict could have been solved with a mask and some sprinting ability. They wasted weeks trying to dognap an MVP because they overestimated the security response. Sloppy.

The second is why Buddy? They saw him display the two skills necessary for the task (ducking and grabbing a ball) while his owner stood and made weird faces (the prize in this competition between an adult and a child was ice cream coupons, which is great for Kevin, whose primary diet is ice cream but would have been a real bummer for the adult if they won). That's helpful, but why not just get a new dog and train him on their own? A stranger's dog isn't going to behave for you. They spent a lot of time and money watching a little boy (risky if the town had more than a single elderly police officer). The plan wouldn't have worked if there were a leash law. If there was one, Buddy's owners simply didn't care.

They could have been successful had they taken a little extra time to think it through. They end up locked in the back of a police car in the sun on the beach while the officer officiates a volleyball game. Possibly to perish.

The other plot focuses on Buddy's owners, Kevin and Kat. Kevin is a toddler who is in charge of training Buddy and advancing the plot through negligence. Kat is a teen girl who is left behind when her best-friend moves to Kalifornia. Her parents won't pay to visit, so they're probably on the East coast. The only stale moment in this rip-roaring plot is a montage of her attempts to make money. Though it has more negligence from Kevin as he allows a dog to suffer a rash after heavy shampooing without rinsing.

Eventually through classic hijinks Kat has to use the money to payback merchants after Kevin let the dogs out and they destroyed some junk (and gave these shifty beach merchants a chance to gouge a child "let's round it up..." before skipping town). With a heavy heart, she writes Veronica a letter and tells her she won't be coming to Kalifornia (why a letter? It's 2003, she can get on AIM and chat with her. This question isn't explored).

So, instead of visiting California she hangs out with the whifro kid who moved into Veronica's house (Jughead). He plays volleyball. When a member of his team dies or something he tells Coach (an overenthusiastic 90s caricature who has more visors that say "Coach" on them than most people have shoes--maybe because it's his actual name and they're monogrammed) to let her play because he wants to "serve her" his "spike". Buddy teaches her how to play. Some would argue she should have learned earlier; some are right but the issue is never explored. Some would argue she shouldn't let a dog teach her sports, but have you seen Buddy's resume?

She plays and they do well. Or they lose. I think both occurred. They lose the last game, Betty--the team's "setter"--leaves the team to buy a sports bra. They need a fifth man! Luckily, there's nothing in the rulebook that says a dog can't play volleyball (well, no one ever checks, but the opposing team "Mouserat" never brings it up). So Buddy plays and does well. Now it's the one game tournament!

Buddy is late because he had to escape Marv and Stretch. The team was doing well (behind by three) despite being a man down and Buddy only touches the ball twice for the victory. You won't notice though because you'll be so pumped that Buddy is finally playing volleyball AND THEY'RE GOING TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Well, Buddy is. And Kat is there with Veronica. Oh because it's in Kalifornia. But Buddy is playing doubles with an adult we've never seen before despite the play-in game being teams with children. They should have spent a minute explaining any of this. They don't. The movie ends suddenly and all you have left are questions.

Overall, you just spent more time reading this review than it would have taken you to watch the movie. Don't be afraid to watch this movie, it will be over before you realize and since the whole thing is available on YouTube/Amazon for free there's no excuse. Unless they cut parts out. Which I'd believe because tons of it didn't make sense. If nothing else, every moment is worth it for Jughead's whifro.

Oh! That reminds me. Jughead skateboards. It's a big thing in the movie. I have no idea why.

The biggest downside of the movie is that Buddy plays fewer minutes of volleyball than it took you to load the IMDb homepage. Don't watch at your own risk.

Reviewed by algebrahater89 5 / 10

not bad, heartwarming

OK well this movie did not stink!i liked it, i saw it at my dad's house when i was going to bed and i was 15 years old and it did not stink. First of all the plot is the same,but the story is different!i mean it's about friendship!!Poor andrea has to say goodbye to her bestfriend and the only way she can see her is by winning this tournament!I'ts heartwarming because it teaches one about friendship and how far one would go to not lose such a special friendship!Of course Air Bud once again was a natural at the sport, but that's the same concept in all the movies!!!I love the Air Bud movies they are heartwarming, and really do make one get closer to family!!The first one came out when i was 8 and it was sooo good they had to make it all over again!!!!So what if it's fantasy, so is Barney and the Teletubies and those really, really, really stink!!!Also Josh is super hot!!!

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