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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Go ahead, make my (your) day

No pun intended - this is not Dirty Harry - actually I forgot the name of the character I reckon would be the one to say this. He also asks questions and he very well knows that the ... person who has to answer will not feel lucky ... though he knows he will feel something, if he does not answer honest (and right).

That said, we get to a family and they are quite dysfunctional - or whatever you would call it. The acting is not the best, there is some very obvious implications (no brownie points for guessing certain things right - dynamic and ... let's call it "relationships") ... you can not be too sensitive about things. And you may find it hard to root for a certain ... guy (again no pun intended) ... but even if certain things are questionable ... they may feel justified! Of course only in movies - as in do not try this at home. This is ... escapism (well not literally, although maybe that too at one point or another) ...

Reviewed by trinnisia 7 / 10

Will definitely watch again

I usually put reviews about movies that were exceptional good or bad. This time I was very positively surprised by Malicious. I thought this will be just average film that I could watch on the weekend. You know, simple plot, nice to watch, maybe some good looking actors, chill movie. But I found it really cool.

I don't want to say too much about the plot but I find this movie very pleasant to watch, it's not what it seems and I'm very glad I did give a go. Way above average, and I'm glad I still can find new movies to watch. Recently I go back to 'old' movies from 80s and 90s, because most of the movies nowdays I would call 'poop'. Not every movie, but usually they're just crappy.

Reviewed by / 10

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