What You Wish For



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 81% · 32 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
IMDb Rating 6.7/10 10 1756 1.8K


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Nick Stahl as Ryan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by torivt65 7 / 10

Where did this come from?!

I don't think I've ever watched a movie this good that I haven't heard buzz for beforehand. I watched this as a complete fluke because the poster image was cool and 6.8 is a decent score on IMDb. The acting besides the friend at the beginning, is excellent. The story is tightly paced and ultimately very logical which is always a surprise in this type of movie.

I watch a lot of movies in particular a lot of horror, and I haven't felt this tense in a movie and quite a while. This movie was evocative to me of The Gift, so if you enjoyed that I believe you will also like this movie. Highly recommend overall!

(Hunter Hunter is the last movie I've seen starring Nick Stahl and it is also very tense and memorable. I would recommend watching that if you enjoyed his performance here.)

Reviewed by dubond 6 / 10

Solid Thriller

Sort of like a B movie version of The Menu, What You Wish For follows Ryan (Stahl) a chef with gambling problems who flees to a Latin America villa that his friend is staying in. Ryan wishes he had his friend, Jack's life because it seems so much better than this. Well he gets his wish... but soon finds out that Jack's life wasn't as great as it initially seemed. This is a very weird and solid indie that I would say mostly works and is definitely worth watching. The plot of this isn't really anything new but if you like dark comedies you will probably like this. Although in my opinion this movie sort of flounders in the third act and the ending to me was kinda ultimately unsatisfying, but I would still say this is worth a watch.

Stahl who was a promising actor in the early 2000's sort of disappeared for a while and fell off the radar due to his substance abuse issues. Although if you look at his IMDB page for the past few years he's been trying to work his way back by doing smaller indie movies like this. What You Wish For is likely the best of the bunch. Also if you want the best experience when watching this movie go in blind and don't watch the trailer (it spoils basically everything). Nick Stahl definitely deserves to have a comeback.

Reviewed by farout-45665 10 / 10

Proof that a good story is better than unlimited budget

This was clearly a movie on a budget. As someone who hates the cringe porn style of B movies this was a better watch than most mainstream movies out today.

Unlike B movies this manages to immerse you in and hold your interest and attention.

This is mainly thanks to the story, the pacing and the general style.

Some acting was amateurish and wooden. However it seems to have been perfectly apt with the story as it was consistent with the theme of the story throughout.

Its honestly a well written and done movie. I dont know if its a fluke that it all seems to have come together with such style.

We desperately need more movies like this where substance and story telling has to come above a formalistic, repetitive, boring, big budget money grab.

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