Day Dreams



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Buster Keaton as The Young Man
Renée Adorée as The Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dhoffman 8 / 10

An uneven film with some super comic scenes

A comic short with some wonderful scenes, `Day Dreams' unfortunately is not as consistent as it should be. Some of the comedy just doesn't have that Keaton magic. Going to the city to make something of himself so he can marry his home town sweetheart, Keaton naturally finds himself in a variety of entanglements. The scenes outside the clothing story are great. But the highlight is the hilarious chase by the cops; it ranks with the pursuit scenes of `Seven Chances' and the cattle scenes of `Go West' for sheer ingenuity and fascinating orchestration.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 8 / 10

Buster Not Really A Man Of Her Dreams

Buster, to get the approval of the father of the girl he wants to marry, sets off for the big city to show he can get a good job to support her.

He first writes to his girl that he's a big shot in a hospital. She dreams he's this important surgeon. It turns out he's just the go-fer for a veterinarian, bringing cats, dogs.....and a the doc.

Then he writes that he's on Wall Street and "cleaning up." She dreams of a big tycoon, but - you guessed it - he's the sanitation worker and a wild scene involving confetti ensues.

After he's done with that - he doesn't last long anywhere - he writes that he's in the stage. She daydreams he's the leading actor, but he's only an extra. He winds up getting chased by the cops, inadvertently taking money that didn't belong to him and....

Finally, he writes that the police "follow his every move." She daydreams he must be the Police Captain, giving the men orders, but really it's just more of that last chase scene, except there are about 100 cops chasing him now, "following his every move."

The two-minute ending is pretty strange, too, a downer for some, but a fitting one!

Reviewed by AlsExGal 6 / 10

Make it a 6.5!...

Since 7/10 seems too high and 6/10 seems too low. Daydreams has Keaton as an unskilled man seeking the hand of the girl he loves. Her dad says that he can't marry her unless he proves himself able to earn a living. Keaton says he will go to the city to earn his fortune. If he fails he will return and shoot himself. Dad promises to loan him his revolver.

You see Keaton writing letters about one sequence of events- He is a doctor performing operations in a hospital (he actually works at a veterinarian's), he is "cleaning up" in the financial sector (he is a street sweeper), and he is performing Hamlet onstage (he is an extra in a male chorus line in vaudeville). The big sequence is the same as that in Cops, with Keaton being chased by hundreds of cops for what seems like a minor offense. Aren't there burglaries and robberies to solve?

What probably weakens this short a little bit is that only stills remain of some of the sequences such as Keaton as a surgeon and as a stock broker. But it has enough good gags to be worth it for any fan of Buster Keaton. Featuring Keaton regular Big Joe Roberts as a menacing bully, Keaton's own father as his best girl's father, and Renee Adoree as Keaton's girl, who never seems to ask herself how exactly Keaton could be performing operations if he has never gone to college or medical school.

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