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Reviewed by dbborroughs 4 / 10

Exploitation "classic" is more silly than shocking

Exploitation classic thats more humorous now then either titillating or shocking. This is an anti-child bride film. Yes there was a time when young, even preteen girls could get married to older men. This is the story of a young girl who may be doomed to suffer such a fate. A serious subject, the film is now very silly with some acting styles that went out of style in the early days of silents (Watch the scene when Jennie gets up in the morning and try not to fall on the floor laughing.) Give the film points for having some realer characters than many backwoods films coming from Hollywood, but take a few away since this film is really just an exploitation film. Notorious for a brief flash of nudity in a skinny dipping scene by the then 12 year old star (some prints excise it) its nothing even remotely titillating or sexy. Its actually done in such away as to be fleeting and not even clear. I probably shouldn't have even mentioned it except some people are shocked or horrified by it. The film itself is better than it should be, however its still not very good. As I said much of it plays more humorous than serious and its so creaky that you can see the machine like plot clacking away towards its conclusion where you end up on the edge of your seat waiting to see if Jennie will suffer a fate worse then death.(Its much less over the top than say a film like Reefer Madness where you can laugh at it, which takes away much of the fun) If you're a fan of creaky exploitation films give it a try. All others stay away.

Reviewed by wingman35 4 / 10

What the "Simple Folk" do.

Shot on the cheap using atmospheric scenery, decent set decoration and moody photography comes this expose' of the times. If you can endure the amateur acting and pedestrian script delivered by an ensemble cast of jug tippin mouth breathers, this film genuinely pack quite a wallop. Even more so now.

The story is set in a rural township deep in the Ozark hills where the adult men of the area spend their days standing around discussing how the "women folk" are getting fewer in number and that the town's under-age girls are "ripe for the pickin" as brides and laborers. One such fellow, Jake (Warner Richmond), sets his sights on young Jennie (Shirley Mills). He has already been intimate with Jennie's still married mother (Dorothy Carrol) and now has lust in his heart for the younger version.

To complicate matters Jake is in a partnership with Jennie's pappy(George Humphreys) operating the local still. They have a knock down, drag out brawl over money and Jake swears revenge after getting the tar whipped out of him.

Cut to the next scene where Jennie and her boyfriend Freddie head for the local watering hole for a little midday swim. This gives the filmmakers the opportunity to exploit young Jennie by showing her fully disrobing and taking an extended swim alone in crystal clear water that leaves nothing to the viewer's imagination. Heck, even Jennie's pet German Shepherd (unbilled) jumps in.

All of this frolicking around is observed by Jake leering from atop a nearby hill (with his mother, no less, standing right next to him!). Watching his reaction to the activities below is, in a word, disturbing.

In short order that night, Jennie's Pa is wounded by her Ma after a heated "throw-around" inside their cabin. This is seen by Jake who is lurking around outside, window peeping. He enters the cabin and finishes off Pa and then blackmails Ma by convincing her that she was the one who did the dirty deed. He'll get rid of the body and keep quiet if Ma consents to his taking Jennie for a bride.

The wedding ensues (you'll want to wipe "your" mouth when Jake kisses the bride) but Jake is shot and killed while preparing for his wedding night bliss. Who shot Jake? No, not Jennie. Not Jennie's Ma, and not young Freddie (even though he is outside the newlywed's bedroom window with his gun). And no, it wasn't Doc, Grumpy, Bashful, Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy or Dopey. But you'd be getting close. To get the answer you'll just have to experience it for yourself.

How this movie passed through the censors remains a mystery. Shirley Mills (Incorrectly spelled "Miles" on the DVD box) was a mere twelve years old when the film was released. The frequent inuendo, stilted dialog, and the bare flesh exposed would never make it to the screen today, at least not using a real preteen and this storyline. Two years later Ms. Mills would play Ruthie in the John Ford classic "The Grapes Of Wrath".

This film gets a "4" for production but a "10" for sleaze.

Definitely one for the books!

Reviewed by dav07dan02 5 / 10

Child Bride

Director: Harry J. Revier, Cast: Shirley Mills, Bob Bollinger, Warner Richmond, Angelo Rossitto.

1930's "exploitation" film about the backwoods/backward people of the Ozarks where it is considered acceptable for much older men to marry young adolescent girls. The local school teacher,with the help of her assistant D.A. boyfriend, are trying to have this practice stopped. Anyhow, young Jenny(played by Shirley Mills) is forced to marry much older Jake(played by Warner Richmond). Without giving away the story, Jake blackmails Jenny's mom into letting him wed her daughter.

The way the hillbillies are portrayed in this film is amusing. I got a kick out of the dilapidated old schoolhouse with pigeons on the rafters! Other reviewers have made comments about the nudie skinny dipping scene. There is nothing about it that should trouble anyone. There is a huge difference between pornography and nudity. Yes Shirley Mills was just twelve years old in this movie but there absolutely nothing pornographic in this film. She is simply skinny dipping. It does show her nude going into the water but it is brief and in no way distasteful. The swimming scene alone would not have made this an exploitation film. It is the overall content that makes it so. The idea of old men trying to marry little girls.

The is actually a rather interesting film and the acting although not "Gone With the Wind" material is actually alright. It certainly has a uniqueness about it that keeps the viewer interested in spite of its low budget. This is the only film for most of the actors. Warner Richmond has been in numerous films and Shirley Mills did about a handful of other films including The Grapes of Wrath. I might also add that Angelo Rossitto(the midget) has had a very long career in Hollywood. He has been in movies into the 1980's including Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. He was in Tod Browining's classic Freaks from 1932.

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