Santa Fe Stampede


Drama / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 18%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18% · 50 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.0/10 10 485 485


Top cast

John Wayne as Stony Brooke
Ray Corrigan as Tucson Smith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coltras35 7 / 10

Good entry

The Mesquiteers capture a horse thief who escapes justice through a crooked judge. They gather signatures urging the governor to investigate but a friend with the petition is murdered. Stony is accused.

There's no stampede as the title suggests but there's the usual formulaic story of the 3 mesquiteers coming to the rescue, tackling a crooked mayor, shootout, fisticuffs, however the death of Wayne's friend and the young girl adds some sombreness and drama - the plot twists and turns. Wayne is framed, and a lynch mob - with women among the men demanding him dead - is formed. The highlight is the burning of the sheriff's office where Wayne is imprisoned and it's also dynamited.

A good entry featuring the three fast galloping heroes.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 5 / 10

Don't Try And Lynch The Duke

William Farnum sends for The Three Mesquiteers to help him save his mining claim who some unscrupulous townspeople are trying to get a hold of. The villains are headed by town mayor LeRoy Mason.

Mason proves to be a most resourceful villain. He kills Farnum and his little daughter and frames Wayne for the murder. When it looks like the Duke and Crash and Lullaby are going to get out of the frame, he gets a lynch mob going.

This is the second film that I've seen where the Duke was the object of a lynch mob. In Range Law where he's also accused of murder, he's almost lynched as well. Marshal Buck Jones saves him in that one.

LeRoy Mason played a lot of western villains and he gives the Mesquiteers a run for their money. He thinks pretty fast on his feet and it's a less nervy member of his own gang that ruins all his plans.

How does Wayne get out of it? All I can say it's a rescue worthy of some of the serial cliffhangers.

Reviewed by whpratt1 10 / 10

Enjoyed this Old Timer

This was a definite look back at the past when John Wayne was very young and starting out on a great career in films. There really is no stampede, except the bad guys trying to blame Stony Brooke, (John Wayne) for a crime he did not commit. However, the local town people want justice and are convinced that Stony is responsible for this crime and must pay for it. Stony is put in jail and his lady friend, Nanvy Carson visits him while the jail is set on fire and they are both destined to die in the blaze. Tucson Smith,(Ray Corrigan) and Lullaby Joslin, (Max Terhune) try to come to his rescue. Lullaby Joslin is also a ventriloquist and there are some funny scenes with his dummy talking and making jokes. If you look real close, you will see the famous villain of all Western Films, Charlie King. Great John Wayne Classic film, enjoy.

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