Young Love: Lemon Popsicle 7

1987 [GERMAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10

By now, you know what you get

This seventh movie of the Israeli "Lemon Popsicle" movie series came out 9 years after the first, so it was roughly one film per year. That is also why none of the humor is really new and the stories are nothing that hasn't been there before. Katzur is on his way to finding the true love for the 2326727th time and he also has all the dramatic moments. Noy is in there for the comedy exclusively and Sagall is a mix of both. The latter was not in the sixth movie, but here he is back. Also, later on he played in Spielberg's "Schindler's List". This movie, which runs for 80 minutes roughly, also has Leonard Lansink in the cast. For German audiences he may be a familiar name because of his work in Wilsberg. The writer from this 7th film also wrote many Wilsberg episodes, probably not a coincidence. And Walter Bannert, the director, has also a long list of German television projects in his resumé. Sibylle Rauch may also be known to some German-speaking watchers. Sonja Martin probably is not, but she is a bit of a regular in this movie series.

This film has all the usual ingredients: beach action, flirting, making out, some nudity, some pseudo drama (intrigue on alleged cheating) and the known trio (romantic, chaotic, Casanova). Not any character development at all anymore. One of the girls looked like Betty from the Flintstones movie in a scene early in the film. The highlight of the film is the music once again. Many known songs were used here, such as "La Bamba", "Great Balls of Fire" (also in movie number 6), "Volare". The sixth movie took place mostly on a yacht, this one has many scenes in a hotel. My personal highlight was the wonderful "Save the Last Dance for Me" at the end. IMDb lists the original language as German, but I have doubts here. Lots of dubbing for sure in this movie, at least the main characters.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 1 / 10

The Lemon Popsicle Series:Part 7.

Staring my viewing of the 7 disc Lemon Popsicle box set on Monday,I got set to finish the week by watching the final movie in the set. Finding the 6th to be a terrible entry in the series,I got set to find out what note the final would hit.

The plot:

During the summer season,Hughie makes cash by renting the backseat of his dads (who is away on holiday) truck to couples. Letting his pals Bobby and Benzi hang out at the family pad. Finding the pad to be in ruins when he walks in on Bobby and Benzi with some ladies,Hughie's troubles start to pile up,when he smashes his dads truck. Desperate to raise cash for the repairs,Benzi,Hughie and Bobby go to get jobs at a hotel.

View on the film:

Made with a crew that had no connection to any other LP,editor/director Walter Bannert & cinematographer Hanus Polak tape the series to a new low,where all of the 50's/60's charm of the franchise is burnt up for a grotty Video appearance. While giving the flick a small return to the sexy antics of the past films,the screenplay by Anton Moho hacks away at the franchise,which includes horribly changing the background to the most distinctive scenes in the first film,as the lemon Popsicle's finally melt away.

Reviewed by joeshoe89 3 / 10

why are these movies so popular?

this is a kinda foreign (israeli? German?) PORKY'S with almost NO funny moments no one seems sure of the time frame most cars and clothes reek 50's and a lot of the music is 50's rock but the main car is not a caddy but a sixties mercury cougar and some of the songs are very much sixties rock while the young girls are very attractive esp with their frequent nude scenes the guys are UGLY and how they get these girls being unfunny morons that they are is a complete mystery but even harder to understand is that there might have been 6 more of these stinkers? this kind of teen sex comedy is best made in America the proof is right here if you just watch it

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