Yaariyan 2

2023 [HINDI]

Action / Comedy / Drama / Musical / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.1/10 10 11393 11.4K


Top cast

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cifarshayar 4 / 10

Confused Film

With 2 or again attached to a movie title your expectations are higher but when it don't matches its prequel you have left with nothing but disappointment.

I don't know why Divya Khosla has started doing acting after her direction failed? She can remain a producer because she has to learn too much in acting and presenting herself as an actor in a movie.

Film lacks clarity in its purpose. Is it a friendship film? A love story? On broken families? Unsuccessful love? Youth Issues? Its really confusing to figure out.

Songs and Music of Yaariyan 1 was good but nothing original in the music and lyrics of this film.

Reviewed by samyakrout-65994 1 / 10

I have no idea how this movie got 8.3

I am done and will not review this as nothing left for me to review. This movie sucks, acting sucks and story yukkk.

They tried copying the Bangalore Diaries and this is what an example of a bad, stupid, non worthy movie is all about.

Anyways this movie should be in the guiness book of world record for the most idiotic bad acting skills. The movie is about three cousins and their bond and friendship but what it had was bloody acting, stupid dialogues, baseless characters, and stupid expressions. The movie had nothing to offer and no takeaways from this movie and so I decided to stop watching this after 30 mins.

Reviewed by btsmeesho 1 / 10

Very Bad.

It is easy to copy paste. No new creative. Same old remake story. Waste of time and money. Very Bad movie. Not recommended at all. Don't watch at all.

Poor direction. Bad story. Bad Screenplay. Too many characters. Boring Songs. Too many songs which is very irritating. Already a remake with nothing new orginal idea but that they are not able to copy properly. No proper plot just stretching movie by filling too many characters and music.

Yaariyaa 1 hit song blue hai paani paani is also ruined this time. Don't watch this kind of non sense movie with nothing original or new innovative idea. Invest your time and money some other productive activity.

Even sitting idle would be much better then watching this bad movie.

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