Worth Winning


Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41% · 1K ratings
IMDb Rating 5.7/10 10 1928 1.9K


Top cast

Mark Harmon as Taylor Worth
Madeleine Stowe as Veronica Briskow
Lesley Ann Warren as Eleanor Larimore
Andrea Martin as Claire Braudy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by inkblot11 6 / 10

Beware the womanizing weatherman...and hold onto your Picasso!

Taylor Worth (Mark Harmon) has a way with women, even beyond those who might like dating a TV weatherman. When he enters a room, the place is his and he can have any woman within its walls. This upsets his close male friends very much. They are all married, yes, but they never scored like Taylor and its too late now. With that in mind, these pals can not resist a major wager. Can Taylor get engaged to three different women, all of THEIR choosing, or is he just not up to the task? With a Picasso painting as part of the bet, Taylor decides to go for it. The women turn out to be, in turn, a virginal sports promoter, a snooty concert pianist, and a married beauty wed to a famous businessman. What was Taylor thinking? This is a fairly successful romcom for the over 18 crowd. Harmon is quite good as the colossal womanizer who may just have a heart beating in his chest, somewhere. The other actors are also successful, with Madeleine Stowe giving a rare comic performance that delights. The script is pretty funny but has a definite raunchy edge to it, so the film is really not good viewing for any minors in earshot. Costumes and production values are great. For those who can't get enough of those funny love tales, seek out this one, too. It has some good laughs and, very importantly, some real romantic ideas, too.

Reviewed by helpless_dancer 7 / 10

Damn! Women are mean spirited

Here we have a good old boy who makes a simple little bet with the boys that he can sweet talk 3 broads into marrying him within 3 months. He treats them very nicely, wines and dines, asks no special favors....it's just a wager among men. Unfortunately, he is found out and all hell breaks loose. We then see what vindictive, ugly creatures women can be when things don't go exactly as they demand. Cool comedy with Harmon doing a super job playing the sophisticated, yet downtrodden, weatherman with a heart of gold. Loved the way he kept addressing the camera with his views on the way things were progressing.

Reviewed by vyto34 5 / 10

Uninspired sitcom

Lesley Ann Warren has a short scene in a negligee where she is as stunning as I've ever seen her (but it's not a nude scene, regrettably...). Otherwise, this is a bog-standard TV sitcom, stretched out to and hour and a half. Mark Harmon is certainly attractive, but his role does not exactly bring out the best in him. Little interest, and no heat, is generated by the other two ladies. Stowe is pretty, but not sexy, while Holvoe does not offer much of anything here, apart from her fancy dresses. Joan Severance is gorgeous, on the other hand, but she only gets a walk-on part (apparently, she did not qualify for Holvoe's part because she's not a blonde).

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