Wild Wild Punjab

2024 [HINDI]

Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33% · 12 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.6/10 10 461 461

Top cast

Sunny Singh Nijjar as Maan Arora
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rs-94191 6 / 10

Wild wild ride

This Wild Wild ride starring Wild Manjot , Varun , Jassie and Sunny with lots of chaos and goof-ups making it one of the successful comedy film of the year. The most important thing in comedy film is dialogue writing which is done very well by the writers. Every humors delivers and jokes are putting it on the button. You will laugh throughout the film which is the strong point of the movie. Laughable and enjoyable through in and out. All of them (Cast) performance at its peak. Although, the topic was silly but still its a comedy movie the whole point was is to make us laugh and they succeeded in it. There are many strong language scenes in it because its a adult comedy movie. Reminds me of Fukrey and Delhi Belly . What a wild ride i've witness this movie needs to release in theatres rather than ott. Also , the good point was it is not very lenghty and very contentful. Many references the director includes of dil chahta hai,Hangover and fukrey. The Music and BGM score was all decent, so the direction.

I dont know how people are not talking about it and giving this a bad rating. In my opinion it's a Must Watch.

Recommended by me.

Reviewed by asfandiq 3 / 10

Unnecessary story with third class dialouges

This movie has nothing to offer. Don't waste your time watching this...

It starts with what seems like a good plot, but the movie fails on so many levels that after some time it became unbearable...

The only reason I stuck to the end was Manjot singh. His character was the only thing that is worth your time, other than that, don't.

Sunny singh's character felt weak as well... there was no proper character development for him.

Varun Sharma did not bring anything new to the movie, which most of us were expecting anyway. It felt like lazy dialouge writing for him (or they were expecting this movie to be like Fukrey, I don't know)

Reviewed by jayantjain-59272 2 / 10

Worst and time wasting movie

Wild Wild Punjab is an ambitious attempt to blend the rustic charm of Punjab with the adventurous spirit of a Western. Unfortunately, it fails spectacularly on both fronts, delivering a painful cinematic experience that drags on for an excruciating two hours.*

The plot, if one can call it that, is a convoluted mess. The narrative aimlessly wanders, much like the characters themselves, who seem lost in a bizarre amalgamation of genres that never quite gel. The dialogues are painfully clichéd, eliciting more cringes than laughs, and the so-called plot twists are as predictable as they are implausible.

The acting is another sore point. The lead actors, despite their previous accolades, appear to be sleepwalking through their roles. Their performances lack any semblance of conviction, making it hard to care about their fates. The supporting cast fares no better, with over-the-top portrayals that would be more at home in a high school play than a professional production.

The direction is equally abysmal. Scenes are poorly staged, with haphazard pacing that leaves the audience bewildered and disengaged. The attempt at creating a unique visual style falls flat, resulting in a disjointed aesthetic that is more confusing than captivating. The film's special effects, meant to enhance the wild west theme, look laughably amateurish, further pulling viewers out of the experience.

Even the music, which could have been a saving grace, is a letdown. The soundtrack is forgettable, failing to complement the scenes or evoke any emotion. It's as if the composer gave up halfway through, much like the audience wishes they could.

In conclusion, "Wild Wild Punjab" is a catastrophic misfire that squanders its potential. It's a film that tries to be everything at once and ends up being nothing at all. For those considering watching it, a word of advice: save your time and money. This is one cinematic ride that's better left unboarded.

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