Why Me?


Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kbani 7 / 10

Good, but it could be better.

My expectations about this movie were low, because i'm sick of law/cop/prosecutors Hollywood crap, but i was surprised.

"Why me" has strong acting and an interesting story, especially because is a real story. We are introduced in year 2002, 13 years after the revolution in Romania and the fall of communism. But for the judicial system of this country, is like there was no revolution. In the highest level of Prosecutor Office there is still that smell of socialism. The Securitate(secret police which served the Communist party, something like the German STASI)is still there, but now is renamed SRI, some ex-securitate officers now rule the country as politicians, and the old corrupted/repressive prosecutors are still in charge.

Add a young, honest and competent prosecutor in all that mess and you've a good movie, worth watching.

I'll give it a 7 out of 10 because i wanted to see more depth. Also, character progression seemed a Little bit hard to believe, like they were skipping some scenes.

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by DimitrisPassas-TapTheLine 7 / 10

A Romanian character-based political drama.

''De ce eu?'' is a Romanian political thriller, starring Emilian Oprea as Cristian Panduru, a young and honest prosecutor who is in charge of an investigation which is in the spotlight of the nation's media and concerns a corrupt (?) older prosecutor accused of a variety of professional misconducts. The movie portrays a deeply unethical, untrustworthy political and judicial system with shady officials reigning over Romanian people, a situation too familiar for the European southern countries such as Greece or Italy. In the midst of this nefarious system, Cristian struggles to remain faithful to his oath and when he realizes that the man he is supposed to prosecute is in fact innocent, a descent into paranoia and madness begins for him. The consequences of his bold actions, defying his superiors orders, finally lead to his suspension. After that, Cristian delves fast to the poisonous world of paranoia with a tragic conclusion. This is a well-shot film with nice performances from the main protagonists, having a tight plot which reveals to the viewer the level of corruption in the Romanian political system. This is further supported by the great dialogue of the movie, making the characters and situations plausible, while achieving a high level of realism, a necessary ingredient for the genre's films. ''De ce eu?'' is a rather sad and gloomy story of a man attempting to stand up to the crooked system and finally losing the battle. The finale is pessimistic and mournful, leaving a bitter aftertaste to the viewer. So, if you are looking for a movie with happy ending, better skip it. In the film's universe there is no chance of redemption and the fate of the rebel is his demise. ''De ce eu?'' will appeal more to the fans of European movies of the genre, tired of Hollywood action-packed, plotless pictures. My more precise rating would be closer to 7.5./10.

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