Who's Your Daddy?



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Christine Lakin as Kate Reeves
Colleen Camp as Beverly Hughes
Lin Shaye as Betsy Harding
Martin Starr as Scooter
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Reviewed by RavenGlamDVDCollector 4 / 10

poor baby Marnette Patterson as bad girl again!

Movie starts off extremely well with that glorious sequence featuring the lovely girl from CHARMED's final season, Marnette Patterson. Then, almost instantly, it switches over, from the sublime to the ridiculous, with campy ol' Colleen Camp as the mother of Chris in embarrassing scenes no guy would want to see. If I was a film director and I had Marnette Patterson on the set, I wouldn't have bothered with such stupid fart jokes and vomit references and gay porn and lots of other inane stuff too lame to mention. Poor little Marne seems to have been typecast in the 'bad girl' role, and while she clearly excels at it, what a waste. She was too late for BEVERLY HILLS 90210, where she would have made the 100% ideal Kelly Taylor, and too early for 90210. I'm just saying that while this movie has funny moments, and the fantasy of inheriting Playboy/Heaven is a story-line worth pursuing, a deluge of toilet humor is not the way to go about it. Besides Marnette, they also got it right with (1) Ali Landry as the classy Angel (although the character shouldn't have been quite SUCH a goodie-goodie two-shoes Sunday school teacher, but okay, Ali Landry, classy, sexy, hot, yum, yes (2) the J.Geils Band with CENTERFOLD (which is from an era preceding this shot-in-2002 movie by twenty years, but sounds as if it was created for this movie) (3) the Hawaiian Tropic girls, who unfortunately get way,way too little screen- time.

But the flops far outnumber the bright points. Please, what were they thinking casting Patsy Kensit as an Angel? The second half, especially, throws the little that they did have, completely away by rushing towards an agreeable end. And listen here, a magazine like Heaven cannot overnight change its content without disastrous consequences for its sales department, so don't think that those group shots taken of friends would get the mags sold, so it's all a pointless unbelievable shoddy solution turning Heaven feminist- friendly, very badly scripted.

A movie that missed its target audience by miles and miles. Guys looking for fun, would rent it, and unlike me, they wouldn't sit there and rave about Marnette Patterson afterward. No, they would want to tar and feather the people who created this (mostly) junk and cheated them out of their video rental lolly.

Should have been more Marne and Ali, less fat vomit-prone & nerdy geek guys. Movie needed a miracle that could never be anything more than a mirage.

And now, enough from me, I'm off on my date with Marnette... I wish.

Reviewed by SpeedyFromTheBerks 6 / 10

predictable but fun

WHO'S YOUR DADDY? is a predictably fun movie that is worth a look. I didn't know anything about this movie until I watched it on Showtime a couple of days ago.

Anyway, the story goes like this: Chris Hughes is the average high school loser. His group of friends are the out casts of the school. This one girl, Kate, likes him but he is obsessed with Brittany, the high school hottie. Of course, with his loser status, she will have nothing to do with him. That is until his real parents die (he was adopted) and leave him Mack Enterprises, which owns Heaven Magazine. Soon, he is rich and instant popularity follows. Now Brittany wants everything to do with him (if only to jump start her career) and he wants nothing to do with anybody else. Seems his scheming Uncle Dunky wants him to fail so he gains ownership of Mack Enterprises. Chris doesn't want to do the job he inherited so this comes quickly. Chris soon loses the people who care about him most, even his friend Adam (Charlie Talbert from the wonderful 'ANGUS'), the stereotypical fat, high school student.

I will stop there and say give this movie a go. The best scenes involve the very funny Colleen Camp as Chris's adoptive mother, especially the scene in the Chinese restaurant, the funniest part in the entire movie.

Reviewed by movieman_kev 4 / 10

this American Pie fantasy doesn't taste nearly as good

Chris, an adopted son of a moral family, a loser whom works at the school newspaper with Kate (Christine Lakin from of the awful sugary "Step by Step" show of the now thankfully defunct ABC's TGIF line-up), finds out that he's just inherited a porn empire from his biological parents. He loses sight of what true friendship and love is and blah blah some other nonsense. He also has to contend with an Uncle who wants control of the family business and a shifty lawyer (arn't they are?) A slightly below average teen comedy that steals from better teen comedies (the opening alone is HIGHLY American Pie-esquire), bops you on the head with the moral every chance it gets, and wastes the only star talent it has (Wayne Newton, Lin Shaye, and if i'm really stretching the star word, Martin Starr of "Freaks and Geeks", and Justin Berfield of "Malcolm in the Middle"). It's not bad exactly, but it's far from good.

Eye Candy: a few extras get topless

My Grade: C-

Where I saw it: Starz on Demand (available until September 29th)

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