White Rabbit


Action / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 21% · 14 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 5.9/10 10 1409 1.4K


Top cast

Ryan Lee as Steve Eastman
Sam Trammell as Darrell Mackey
Carol Sutton as Librarian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rls154 7 / 10

And if you go chasing rabbits. And you know you're going to fall...

With the image of a demonic bipedal white rabbit still imprinted on some of our minds, we are now introduced to a quadrupedal white/albino eastern cottontail, with less than angelic influential motivations reaped upon our teenage deviant. Although somewhat darker in nature than the bipedal rabbit, this one gives us homicidal urges rather than precognitive events (one could argue that observation) and pyromaniac tendencies. And if one is familiar with Swedish (and botched Hollywood clones) of a similar genre the: "fight back" scene may also seem familiar to some.

When I was a youngster, my sister was driven by my mom for her weekly ballet lessons, my other sibling was taught signing, my little brother labored under his ventriloquist instructor. Me - I was dropped off at the public library to diligently study books about rabbit hunting, got about 3/4s of the way down the rabbit hole before I found my way out. Most likely the reason for this review.

Reviewed by xilliosta 5 / 10

Not great.

This film emulates so many films that involve a similar subject matter, and yet somehow fails to capture the same wonderful elements of it's predecessors.

Perhaps one of the biggest flaws right off the bat is the quality of acting, particularly with the younger actors. One thing struck me during my viewing of this film, and that was how the leads looked more like Hollywood teens, and less like something you'd find in the backwoods where this is all taking place. I think it's very likely that the casting for this film revolved more around aesthetics than it did acting ability, which is a shame because much of this movie relies on the lead being able to convey his gradual build-up of rage and anxiety, and unfortunately falls quite flat in this regard.

So with the lead and the love interest just not up to par, this instantly undercuts a lot of the film outright. On top of that the build-up itself, which is just a few instances of your various 'High school sure if ruff' vignettes also leaves something to be desired. The pacing feels off with it. As in the intensity of each little scene does not constantly build, but rather wavers, ebbs and flows between mundane and tragic.

Though really the tragic thing is how much visible potential this film had. A lot could have been done with it, but what was done was not done well. When there're so many great films out there that tackle such difficult subject matter, it becomes really difficult to recommend this one.

Reviewed by sgcim 8 / 10

Well Thought Out Film on an increasingly relevant subject

Well done movie about a subject that is affecting everyone in the US, whether it's in HS, college or the workplace. Rather than being a 'Columbine rip-off', it's a detailed look into the mind of someone who might or might not erupt into a mass murder spree.

Well acted, filmed, directed and scored, the filmmakers should be proud that they made a serious treatment of this subject, and not a comic book version like "Almost Mercy", a film we saw right before White Rabbit.

Ironically, "Almost Mercy" received a higher rating on IMDb than this film, probably because it had more gore, violence and sensationalism than this film contained. While Almost Mercy had a few nice comedic touches, you better hope you're not around when someone decides to follow the advice that film seemed to be giving out...

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