When the Starlight Ends


Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

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Sam Heughan as Jacob
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by monimm18 7 / 10

Could've been so much better

Oh, what a pity... This could've been a really good film, actually. I thought it had some intereting ingredients: an intriguing story about love and loss, coping with the consequences of the choices we make, the price people pay to follow their calling or achieve success, handling regret, all charmingly sprinkled with a touch of existential pondering. Also, a great match for the lead role and good supporting role actors.

I don't know what else was wrong about making this film besides apparently very little funding. Poor directing, editing, camera work? A dire need for more close-ups? Different camera lenses? A little bit of everything?

Also, it was disappointing to see the lead actors' potential squandered in a chaotic feature, on roles that could've been much better.

Needless to say that the final product turned out pretty mangled and felt a bit dull. Too bad...

Reviewed by hlash-89443 7 / 10

High Hopes Dashed

I love Sam Heughan but thought this script a little pretentious perhaps. And I couldn't help but smile at his attempt at an American accent. I kept thinking it was Christian Slater talking. I think he tried to slow his speech down so he could sound American but it came off a little weird and he slipped into mild Scots every now and then. I guess he gets bored being Jamie Fraser and wanted to try something new and different. I think this was a little too different. Especially since I have seen him in an interview say he likes the action parts of Outlander. I think all actors like to experiment. Look at Keanu Reeves. He's been in quite a few duds and I honestly don't think he has quite the range that Sam does. Better luck next time, Sam. Still love you.

Reviewed by marybwalmsley 5 / 10

Not his best work

I have seen this kid act in Outlander. He is a good actor. This movie did not showcase his talents. No worries! He will continue to surprise us all?

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