What's in a Name?


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Reviewed by grantss 8 / 10

Great, heartfelt oratory

After his former high school, Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC, decides to rename its theatre after him, comedian Dave Chappelle gives a speech at the school. He talks about his history with the school, what the school means to him and the importance of art.

An interesting, sometimes moving, presentation from Dave Chappelle. I wanted to say "stand-up routine" as that what I always think of when I see Chappelle up on stage. But it is clearly much more than that. There are elements of humour - you can't expect Chappelle to NOT be funny - but it is a wonderfully sincere and moving telling of what the school means to him and what it has done for him.

His discussion of the importance of art and not bowing to conformity is also quite telling as it essentially outlines why art exists and why it should never be censored.

Reviewed by tkdlifemagazine 8 / 10

Really Worth Watching and Hearing

Dave Chappelle is the voice of this generation. He is smart and funny. Here he speaks to his old arts High School in Washington DC about his experiences there and after, the changes in the city, and artistic expression. It is a maddening look at society that a Fine Arts school would resist allowing a building to be named after this Alumnus because of the false narrative that he is anti-Transgender. His take on the situation and the resolution are worth the watch.

Reviewed by nategerard77 8 / 10

What is mob mentality?

Dave shines the light squarely on group think. Many of us (especially those of us who grew up in an urban environment in the 70's and 80's) think of mob mentality as a fault of autocratic types. Dave's message is that anyone can fall prey to censorship and ignore the art even when they think they're standing up for something.

Some people that I watched with felt Dave was crowing about himself too much. I responded that this is Dave's reply to the critics. When I saw him live at his documentary screening he was in pain at how so many had reacted to his art. He now has his chance to respond and it was done in a way only Dave could do.

If you like Dave you won't need a review to watch this. But if you judged him and his art based on The Closer, you should watch this before you continue to judge.

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