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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by krazyguy100 7 / 10

These reviews.... Jeez

I agree that the narrator was being an idiot when he would call up customer service reps and then act surprised when they couldn't answer his complicated questions. I also agree that this documentary is pushing a vegan agenda in a big way, while ignoring some other important pieces of the puzzle. Like how wheat/bread should be avoided for similar reasons, and that a perfect diet is not just as simple as eating only plants. Downplaying the role of sugar and carbs in diabetes was also a head-scratcher.


C'mon, you 1 star reviewers. 90% of you say that the documentary claims sugar is not bad for you. It never said that. I repeat; IT NEVER SAID THAT. Clearly some of you wanted to hate this from the beginning. This was still a highly enlightening documentary that should make most rational Americans reconsider their diets. If you watched this and took NOTHING useful away from it, then frankly you are in denial.

Some of the negative reviews here started out making sense, and then at the end the reviews would say something that ruined their credibility. One negative review at the end made a statement about how giving up bacon is not worth a couple extra years of life. This is one of the common and most ridiculous things I hear on a regular basis. These people do not get it and probably never will. Food is a means, not an end, and if you are willing to LITERALLY poison your body just because it tastes good then I feel sorry for you. I hope that you find something better to live for one day. Another negative reviewer posed the question, why don't carnivorous animals get cancer and diabetes from eating meat just like we do? FACEPALM. That question is on par with someone trying to debunk evolution by asking why their grandpa isn't a monkey.

In conclusion, this is an insightful and enlightening documentary with a few problematic parts, a clear agenda being pushed, and a bit of a dopey narrator. It should still be more than enough to convince you that the American diet is incredibly dangerous.

Reviewed by brianhleighton 8 / 10

Watch it again

The negative reviewers here did not watch the full documentary. This documentary is an evidence-based and that's fact. Non USA Government funded research (what I call agendasearch) is presented in this documentary. Without getting too biased I can tell you as a clinician what I have seen a plant-based diet do is amazing. "Look at the research and facts presented and go look for yourself." That was the message I received watching this.

I would have liked to see arguments from the other side, but when your living in a nation that has 30 million people with diabetes it is hard to listen to what has been preached during the rise of so many of these chronic and autoimmune diseases anymore. If you graphed meat consumption starting after WWI as one variable alongside the rise of disease they would both correlate nicely.

When we see a documentary that helps explain the rise of trillion dollar business we can begin to understand our health was never considered from the beginning. Watch this again and do some more digging on your own if you gave this a negative review.

Reviewed by tafilint2003 1 / 10

Propaganda movie. Not worth wasting your time on.

Nazi propaganda minister Goebels would hail this video. The "alternative truths" in this movie are more numerous than beggars in Rome. The video is full of pseudoscience, anecdotal evidence and hear-say.

They completely twisted the way human metabolism works. They even said that sugar is not really important in diabetes. According to them, eating sugar is much more healthy than eating any animal-based product.

I have diabetes mellitus. I know how sugar affects me, compared to how cheese, milk or (unprocessed) meat affects me. Sugar doesn't cause just one disease. It's the #1 cause of cancer. More dangerous than tobacco. The only chemicals as harmful as sugar are pesticides and food preservatives. So they can repeat their lies to an average dumb viewer, but they can't tell it to someone having the disease.

They also claim that Big Pharma has conspired with the meet industry to poison us. Now, there's no doubt that preservatives like E250 used in PROCESSED meat (not fresh) are carcinogenic. They are deliberately put there and approved by food agencies all over the world. Even though there are healthier food preservatives.

But he forgot to say that Big Pharma is in bed with the GMO producers too. And with chemical companies producing normal pesticides. They forgot to say that Bayer is buying Monsanto. And it's not the only marriage between Big Pharma and GMO corporations.

It's clear that producers wanted to avoid showing bad sides of the vegan diet, and true conspiracies that exist, pushing just one sided agenda, which makes this a propaganda movie.

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