What About Dick?



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Top cast

Tim Curry as Reverend Whoopsie
Jane Leeves as Emma Schlegel
Eddie Izzard as Deepak Obi Ben Kingsley
Eric Idle as Piano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fullmoon7461-908-439866 6 / 10

80 minutes of Eric Idle-lead silliness

I only rated this a 6 as it's a bit hit and miss as a story, but if you are a fan of Brit comedy and comic actors, then this is probably worth your time.

full of wacky double-entendres along with nods to Monty Python and the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it's fun to watch all of these talented people have fun with each other.

I have NO idea how they kept from laughing through the whole thing. As much as I love Eddie Izzard, he really just can't do accents and even mocks himself on that account.

Jane Leeves is very funny, I had forgotten just how good she was on Frasier as Daphne.

Poor Billy Connolly has the hardest time of all in keeping a straight face!!!

Overall, worth a good giggle :)

Reviewed by henry8-3 7 / 10

What About Dick

Eric Idle's staged musical comedy very broadly looking at the decline of the British Empire as told by a Piano (Idle).

If you like Python or silly, vulgar British comedy then this is for you. Absolute nonsense, but with this cast and some fun songs, it can't fail. From a better time.

Reviewed by kitellis-98121 8 / 10

A fabulous, and somewhat unlikely, collection of talent.

Worth watching if you are an admirer of any of the individual cast members, a fan of Python, an elderly Brit who used to listen to the Goon Show on the wireless, or a well-read, intelligent, open-minded person who isn't offended by a deliberate lack of political correctness.

It's fun - and gets more so as it progresses. It's NOT high art.

The comedy, as written, is infantile, crass and rather obvious. However, it is in the performance and delivery that it actually becomes funny. And here it is performed by a formidable group of extremely talented and versatile comedians, plus Russell Brand.

The musical numbers are average Eric Idle fare; nothing particularly remarkable, but they seem to hit the spot with the live audience in LA.

The real genius of the piece is the subtle, more cerebral humour that lurks just beneath the surface of Idle's script, with well-aimed socio-political barbs that hit their marks perfectly while masquerading as raspberry-blowing schoolboy humour. There's more to this than what's on the surface, so if at first it seems a little blah stick with it. I did, and it turned out I liked it after all.

And it's a rare treat to see several of the cast members sharing the same stage. Particular credit must go to the delectable Eddie Izzard, and the exquisitely uber-talented Tracey Ullman; two performers who I disliked in the early days of their careers, but have in recent years won me over big-time. Both give standout performances in this show, and it's probably worth watching just for them.

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