We Still Kill the Old Way


Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36% · 100 ratings
IMDb Rating 6.0/10 10 5053 5.1K


Top cast

Alison Doody as Susan Taylor
James Cosmo as Arthur
Lysette Anthony as Lizzie Davis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevesky-15087 7 / 10


I enjoyed this film much much more than I should have. It's more enjoyable than scores of Hollywood movies I've seen recently that cost 1000 times as much. Ok, there's some duff acting here and there, from the young cast it has to be said. The main villain is trying way too hard, as do most of his gang, but it's the young girl who wins the rotten tomato. I don't think she's a bad actor, that's the thing, just needed better direction. And that's the main issue I have with this film. The direction. Cinematography is great. Script is witty and fun. The old guys/girls are great. And their dialogue is awesome... it's the direction that's lacking. Watching this I felt like I was watching a day tine terrestrial tv version that had been cut to get a daytime rating. Prime examples are the torture scene and the arm cutting. You see nothing. Also the old boys characters were so rich they needed more screen time. I wanted to know more about them and what their past was. It's all asked over way too quickly. The gun ending too was badly shot and didn't really give the pay off we all wanted. I wish they'd Dione more with it. But overall this is a good movie. Much better than the stupid 3 and 4 reviews given here. Approach it for what it is... a love budget British indie film, and you'll have fun in Ritchie and his Pals company. I would definitely want to see another one. But given this was 2014 and I'd ne er heard of it, that seems unlikely. A shame as this gang deserves more. Knocks films like cockneys versus vampires and all the set into the dust.

Reviewed by robdrummond 7 / 10

Kill the old way

Slow to start yeah.

But it gets going and shows the arrogant (invincible) youth that they are novices in their world of gangsterism - once they have provoked the "old guard" into action.

Reviewed by imap-05232 6 / 10

Very British Gangster movie

Very rough, very realistic, very British.

It started strong and could have been a great revenge story. Unfortunately, the script and the directing messed up the second part, when the story lost its 'line'.

Disappointing final with a mass shooting in a hospital(!). Why filmmakers have so much trouble with consisting endings, here, why not tracing the villains step by step and giving them what they deserve? Instead the worst of the gang died graciously fast by a police bullet.

A central part of the story is completely incomprehensible: the daughter of the police women being the devote sex object of the guy who is the scum of the earth; without the mother having any idea? Come on!

Still an entertaining movie, though the topic is somewhat given away.

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