Waking Madison



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43% · 100 ratings
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Elisabeth Shue as Dr. Elizabeth Barnes
Imogen Poots as Alexis
Frances Conroy as Dolly Walker
Will Patton as Steven Walker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by secondtake 4 / 10

I kept watching because I thought it was going somewhere, and it spiraled away. Disappointing!

Waking Madison (2010)

The movie world is filled with talents coming from nowhere and making a splash. Director Katherine Brooks is not one of them. Her resume of MTV compilations and other professional jobs doesn't even quite prepare you for the badly worked clichés, uninspired acting, and amateurish writing here.

The reason it comes to mind here (and not all the other mediocre movies out there) is that Brooks is both director and writer here, as if she was really sure of herself.

The idea isn't bad in itself. A young woman (played by Sarah Roemer) faces her multiple personality disorders in a period of high drama crisis. And the movie manifests this for the viewer in an unexpected way. When this "trick" first becomes clear (and I'll give no hints here) it's fascinating, the one minute of actual fascination you can expect. When the trick gets played a second time it's pure sensationalism, or just lack of inspiration.

Another problem is Elizabeth Shue's performance as the leading psychologist, which at first I blamed on her. She's bland and unconvincing, even after the final twist when you might reevaluate what her purpose was all along. Now I lay some blame at the director's feet.

There are some nice grungy set designs, the music plays well into the mood, the photography is decent, the layering of video within the larger photography is interesting, and so on. I mean, it has the bones of a decent movie. It reminds you that writing comes first (the idea, and the dialog) and then acting and directing (hand in hand) are critical.

Who is this Sarah Roemer? A really promising actress with a terrible agent. The movies she has been in are rotten rotten rotten. So it's hard to see the energy she keeps just under the surface throughout. Likewise for two other secondary young women who play with intensity worthy of a spooky movie about mental disturbances: Imogen Poots (who was in the interesting "Solitary Man" with Michael Douglas) and Taryn Manning (who seems to have Roemer's same agent, or the same kind of agent).

So? What to do? Skip this one. There are many better low budget or low quality psycho flicks with better edges and surprises.

Reviewed by nairdeepajayan 6 / 10

No Words That Can Accurately Describe The Movie.

When I first watched the trailer for this movie, I thought I had a somewhat good idea of what the movie is about. But, after watching the whole thing, my expectations and the intensity at which it hit me when up the roof. If you're expectations are high for this movie, take my word for it, it won't go down a bit but it will just go off the charts. Dramatic story, great intensity, didn't expect the ending to be this way, left feeling with too many emotions that make you think about the ending and ask what does that mean. I was frustrated when I couldn't understand what it meant because there was this urge that made me figure it out, no matter what. The storyline,acting, music, cinematography, effects, sets, everything has been used to the fullest. This movie will truly be the greatest of all time, and once again, Katherine Brooks has proved that she is one of the brilliant directors we have in our lifetime.

Reviewed by gotohoward 8 / 10

Excellent Film with some flaws

I feel bad that the average rating for this movie is less than half because I believe there were less than 20 reviews, and a couple of people who praised it gave it no rating. I'll try to bring it up with this review.

Others have basically given the narrative so I'll skip that. I'll mention that Shue, Roemer, and the supporting cast gave good, if not very good performances. Some characterizations were stereotypical of mental illness, and I might question using the multiple personality theme to get across the idea of someone's struggle with comparative general mental illness that might be slightly hackneyed and misplaced. (but essential to the plot).

That being said, I think Brooks did a tour de force job with conveying the inner workings of mental illness. Everything in the movie felt and breathed it. She was spot on with the isolation, confusion, and frustration. She showed what mental illness can do to a person leaving out only some details and development that wouldn't have necessarily extended meaning to the narrative, and would have made it painfully long.

This movie is a must see for anyone interested in knowing what mental illness is like from within, and hopefully providing hope to those who suffer from this debilitating disease. I also hope that more people come to understand the reality of how misunderstood and stigmatized mental illness can be, and as a result that more people are helped.

I rate this movie a solid 7 for the story/acting, and a 9 for direction/production value, averaging 8 overall.

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