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Reviewed by jfrentzen-942-204211 2 / 10

Low-Grade Vampire Opus Has No Pulse

This strange, forgotten exploitation film has surfaced after 60 years under the title THE SEX SERUM OF DR. BLAKE. Dr. Grant (Era Dugo) returns from Africa after "risking his life" to obtain a specimen of the "serum of youth," which he describes as the "most unbelievable chemical formula ever to appear on the face of this Earth." In a lengthy flashback, while in Africa he spied on hooded, torch-bearing "African natives" in furry bikinis wandering around what looks suspiciously like the Nevada desert. These women drop trow at a stage bound altar to have group sex with a dying man before they cut out his heart.

Back in the present, Dr. Grant postulates the serum could be used as a powerful pain killer for wounded soldiers in battle, but admit an human experiment is fraught with risks. "Many men have died in the name of science," is the rationale for proceeding. Before he can find out, Grant is intercepted by spies who kill him, steal the serum, but they in turn die. Abortionist Dr. Blake (Ray Molina) just happens along the scene of the crime and takes the serum home with him and inexplicably injects himself. He visits a girlfriend and grows violent, beating her and drinking her blood. "You've got a phagocytosis of the red cells with the white cells," says another doctor, who diagnoses Dr. Blake with vampirism over the phone, and then proceeds to explain how to be a vampire without realizing he's describing a vampire. Dr. Blake kills a few more people before he is chased down by the police. Needless to say, things end badly for the doctor.

Originally released as VOODOO HEARTBEAT, writer-director Charles Nizet clocks a lot of time with scenes of people eating, the aforementioned African flashback, a three-way sex scene that borders on pornographic, people listening on phone calls with no cutaways and lengthy pauses, a dull boat chase, etc. In other words, despite plenty of incident the movie is drawn out and boring, as well as badly acted by a cast of non-actors.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 1 / 10

Not worth the effort...

Stumbling upon the 1973 movie "Voodoo Heartbeat" (aka "The Sex Serum of Dr. Blake") by random chance here in 2024, I opted to sit down and watch it on account of it being a movie that I had never heard about or watched, obviously. In fact, I wasn't sure what I was in for here, so I sat down to watch director Charles Nizet's movie with no expectations and an open mind.

Writers Charles Nizet and Vernon Broadrick put together a script that failed to capture my interest, much less actually hold my interest throughout the course of the movie. And I have to say that I ended up giving up 20 minutes into the ordeal. But by then director Charles Nizet spent an insane amount of time on showing virtually nothing except robed people wandering around, followed by a naked orgy. There was nothing resembling a storyline or narrative here.

I wasn't familiar with a single actor or actress that starred in the movie. And truth be told, that is actually something that I do enjoy when I sit down to watch a movie.

"Voodoo Heartbeat" was a dumpster fire of a movie, and it is definitely not one that I will be returning to attempt finish watching. An all-time low even for a sexploitation movie.

My rating of "Voodoo Heartbeat" lands on a one out of ten stars.

Reviewed by / 10

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