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Britt Robertson as Video Girl
Meagan Good as Lorie
Haylie Duff as Khloe
Paul Ben-Victor as Jermaine Stanford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mystikal104 5 / 10

Interesting, Yet....

I have seen many instances of this movie played on BET countless times, yet each time I always seem to catch it when it is right in the middle, or close to the end. Luckily, I happened to catch a full showing of the movie in one instance, and after watching it, definitely warranted a review that I do not see much of on this page.

Meagan Good, as always, is a pleasure to watch, though my qualms are more about the writing than the acting. While it may have been an interesting concept to make a movie about, the overall theme seemed very cliché and overused. Young girl who comes from a decent loving family decides to embark on a mouth-watering career that promises wealth and fame. Along the way, girl meets unscrupulous characters that steer her good natured ways to that of a darker nature. A couple of bad decisions later, usually drug-related and/or abusive partner, girl realizes this is not the life for her. Girl learns life lesson about herself and goes back to decent loving family. Again, cliché and overused. Then again, it is always interesting to see how different versions of the same concept are tackled by different writers/directors/actors.

When it comes to actual production, I am usually most critical, as this is an aspect of film making I enjoy the most. Camera work can only be described as moderately decent. I agree with another reviewer on this part...why they chose hand-held instead of staying on sticks is also something i am dumbfounded by. It worked for some scenes...some being the key word. Also, as an audience member, when a scene is supposed to imply flashy and glamorous, I don't usually expect it to look so dull and monotone. That's where the lighting for me failed to meet my expectations of certain scenes. Probably depends on what camera they were using. Audio wise, meh. For a budget of 5 million dollars, I'm sure they could have afforded some ADR work. The editing was a pass or play here. The music was sometimes not necessary in some scenes.

Overall, the movie was interesting to watch. It made it's point that being a Video Girl sometimes is not what it's cut out to be. Actually, I shouldn't just say Video Girl, as in , breaking out in the industry as a beautiful young naive girl can be very dangerous if you have not mentally and physically prepared yourself for the demands of being in the spotlight. That's why this movie gets a 5.0 in my books.

On another note, I had a friend of mine tell me, "Geez, so that's the atmosphere on a music video set, is it? Glad I don't work in the music video industry". I just want to point out that everything that happened in this movie was meant to serve the plot, and doesn't necessarily happen in reality. I have produced and directed music videos for big name stars for quite a while now, and never have I had an instance on my set where anybody was disrespectful of anybody. In fact, not that I like to brag, but my sets are always described as a fun place to be. Everybody treats each other like family, and the talent is always quick to notice this. So for any aspiring people wanting to work in the music video business, it's quite fun actually.

So, Next up to see is Dysfunctional Friends...another movie that the gorgeous Meagan Good is in. Let's see how she fares in that one.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10


Meagan Good works at a curio shop for a perfectionist. When she gets an opportunity to dance in hip-hop videos she tries it out. The young director takes a personal interest in Meagan who can't resist him.

Meagan spirals downward as her career goes upward. She has dreams were she talks to her dead sister who tries to get her on the right path. The film was packed with cliches, stereotypes, and mediocre acting. To assist Meagan in her downward/upward spiral, other video girls influence her.

Meagan is excellent as a video girl, but the rest of the film lacks credibility and is clearly a "come to Jesus" film. Message: People who do drugs, do so because there is a void in their life. I was so bored with the film, it created a void in my life...

No nudity. Rape attack.

Reviewed by ryanmkincaid 4 / 10

Too many clichés, not enough substance

There are some great things about this movie; Megan Good works hard to humanize her character, Mylessa Ford has fun as a bad girl and we like it, and this projects looks well put together more so than most films with a similar target audience. You can actually see the budget being put on screen here.

Unfortunately it stops there. The problems lie in the story telling and at the end, the audience doesn't really... care.

Problem 1: the 'Shark' character. He's build up to be the bad guy, a possessive boyfriend that hinders our heroine's progress to become the next great talent in Hollywood. We see glimpses of these actions with vague hints of mental and physical abuse. But the clichés that ultimately make our heroine (Megan Goode) spiral out of control into her ultimate tragedy are exactly what he was trying to protect her from so is he 'really' the bad guy? A simpler way to explain it: picture your mom telling you not to see a certain friend, he's a bad influence; he's going to get you into trouble. You disobey and do so any way. Later you end up an accomplice to a murder he committed? Is your mother 'really' the bad guy? Problem 2: Real life video girls Mylessa Ford, Suelyn Medeiros and Esther Baxter are underused. While Mylessa is clearly a negative influence there is not enough screen time so you can accompany Goode as she spirals down her slope. We as the audience should first be enamored by Ford to follow her down the path, and then be tempted by the apple once we get there. Ultimately we are not. We're just given these very obvious 'movie-moments,' that while high light Ford, are so very contrived and again, cliché and ultimately steal away the connection with Goode. The brief scenes of Ford are clearly her best as she actually looks like she's having fun with the role, much more than her past ones. Suelyn (whom I saw in Still A Teen, which was God awful) and Esther (Just Another Day, much better film) are mere glimpses on the screen. Do not blink or you'll miss them. It would have been far more interesting to see them used as character defining personalities then the set dressing which they're reduced to. A blown opportunity as their public life already adds a layer to them while they're on screen.

Problem 3: The trite ending. All of the bad things that happen when you possibly get in the industry happen to her. Each of which takes an entire film to tell the story and effectively explain the subject matter. Here, it's all thrown into a pot and mixed like some kind of movie gumbo. And it all gets resolved in a counseling session? One very annoying technique the clearly shows that a writer is very BAD at the job of story telling is the ending the film with a monologue that explains the conclusion. The prose here is even made worse when the heroine is NOT the one that comes to the resolution but has her counselor tell her how she should be.

There are essentially 3 other problems I have with this film, none of which I'll explain if only to save you repetitive points on why this isn't a good movie. There issues with the shot selection, the direction to go hand held instead of staying on sticks, and the indecision by the director/cinematographer: 'does he want glamorous or gritty?' I can't recommend this. The popularity of Karrine Steffans book helped torpedoed this film once the writer typed the opening words of this script on his laptop. He was fighting a loosing battle. It didn't even try to reach the level shock value 'Video Vixen' did, a book which everyone knows the contents of. And ultimately because of that, this film falls short on every level.

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