2015 [HINDI]

Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 79% · 14 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62% · 100 ratings
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Prateik as Udai
Suraj Sharma as Ramakant
Rajesh Tailang as Postman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by naik-38813 8 / 10

Engaging Plot

It's a masterpiece of a kind keeping the innocence if the characters intact throughout the movie where they journey through different stages of life from a small kid growing up has real grasp on the 70s India and American culture hype in the country.

The mother, father, children bond is heartwarming and at the same time saddening.

Reviewed by jmoneyjohal 7 / 10

A heartwarming tale about how a brother looks for his America bound brother. A very raw and realistic film on India.

Watching Umrika at the VIFF this year has made up for the disastrous Beeba Boys. After getting a lot of critical acclaim in the festival circuits I was very intrigued to watch Umrika, but at the same time I was a little wary that the film might end up being a very indie artsy pseudo intellectual film. But thankful Umrika stayed very faithful to its subject, and showing a very realistic India. Umrika highlighted how poverty is in India,how people struggle to make ends meet, and how parents invest heavily in there children for a better future in a very realistic manner.Umrika's main crux is of how Indians, and especially those of the lower/middle population look up to America as place where lives are made, and how if one makes it to America its a dream come true for a working Indian. Dealt in a very simplistic, but detailed manner, Umrika tugs ones heart strings, and makes people realize how privileged we are. It also must be said that Umrika is film were the main protagonist is not on selfish mission but he is just trying to make his mother happy(like his father) but more on that later.

Story wise the film is a about a boy named Udai who in the beginning of the film is leaving for Umrika( aka America) his parents are very proud especially his mom who's dream is coming true, he has young brother named Ramakant who is too young to realize what is going on. Udai's family is a very poor one, and they live off what they make daily. Udai's moms only solace was in the letters he would send from the US, and whenever he would forget to send a letter she would trouble the household. Eventually years pass Rama is in his late teens, and after his father dies in a accident, he finds out while inspecting his fathers belonging that his dad was sending letter on the behalf of his brother. Dumbfounded Rama, starts wondering what happened to his brothers all these years, he then making some excuse to his newly widowed mothers goes to the city to find out the truth of Udai. What happened to Udai, and where he is now forms the rest of the plot.

Acting wise the film boasts of many good performances, but Suraj Sharma of Life of Pi fame steals the show the with a great mature and restraint performance. Smitha Tambe leaves a heavy impact in her mother act and Rajesh Tailang is also very good. It was also nice to see Prateik Babbar in special appearance.

Umrika doesn't really have any major negatives bogging down the film. But the minor issues I had with the film is that I found the film pretty predictable, whatever twists or surprises the film had I could guess them miles away, so the film lost a bit of its novelty for me.I also found that at times I was missing a emotional connect with the characters, therefore even in the saddest scene I was left dull at times.But all minor blemishes aside the film works for many more reasons. The film is set in 70-80s India, and everything around the setting is pitch perfect. Whether it be the clothes, the dialect, the houses etc everything felt very real and raw. The films screenplay is very engaging, and Umrika is probably one of the most realistic films when it comes to portraying India, in thought, and in setting. And I'd like to highlight that the mother characters,and the way she is towards her children, and family etc is spot on.

Overall I have seen many films on similar subjects like Umrika, but this film is a very different take, on the obsession to go to America. I found the film high enjoyable and real, but for the right audience, aka a western audience the film can open there horizons, and enlighten them about a true part of India.

3.5/5* or 7/10

Reviewed by ricky_dry_county 8 / 10


Credibility is the factor often found lacking in Indian cinema. They're prone to casting outspoken, billionaire actresses as shy village damsels and silver spoon urban elites as repressed youth from the peripheries. Not in this one, thankfully. Great detail is given even to the child actor that plays the protagonist's younger self (matching their looks). The story itself is simple & heartfelt, probably why it wouldn't find many takers in a nation that drools over scenes where vehicles fly when 53 year old actors punch them while saving their 22 year old love interests. This disillusionment is the theme for the film as well, where "door k dhol suhaavne" is explored masterfully. The urban life seems a bit rushed/undeveloped but by then, the story has left a favorable imprint on you. Good to see the bellboy from The Grand Budapest Hotel in a supporting role here! P. S: More content of this ilk, Netflix!

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