Typist Artist Pirate King



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Kelly Macdonald as Sandra Panza
Gina McKee as Dorothy
Monica Dolan as Audrey Amiss
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jameschurchillellis 10 / 10

Rollercoaster of emotions, breaking your heart and re building it! Accurate and touching, this is what mental health is like and yet it's still scoffed at!

Please don't believe the poor reviews written, they are entitled to their opinion of course, but as a sufferer of mental health and had a family member who had the condition mentioned in the film I can say with authority that this film was accurate and touching, a delightful emotional rollercoaster that will have you crying and laughing in quick succession. At the same time, you sit on the edge of your seat in panic as the journey takes unexpected twist after twist. Gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, and powerful! Friendship blossoms in a Thelma and Louise esc style. Let's show the world what it's like to live with mental health!

I thought it was a beautiful pairing, again beautifully and delicately cast by obviously both direct opposites, but with lots in common, something that would've taken a lot of time care, and precision when casting. Moica stole the show as her character broke your heart, and left you in complete despair, she had you laughing, crying, empathising, fearing for, but ultimately loving Audrey, every range of emotion expertly delivered with precision.

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 6 / 10

Typist Artist Pirate King

This is actually quite a difficult film to review. I thought the performances here, especially from Monica Dolan as "Audrey" but also of Kelly Macdonald as "Sandra" were really quite poignant. The former is a lady with mental health issues, the latter is her psychiatric helper. "Audrey", who believes she is terminally ill, has moments of amazing lucidity followed by moments of violent temper tantrums and almost hallucinatory conversations with people real and imaginary whilst "Sandra" finds herself drawn more into her turbulent world, and more determined to try to make a difference. "Audrey" makes frequent reference to her friend "Dorothy" (Gina McKee) and so "Sandra" agrees to drive her to try and find her - in the hope that it might offer some degree of explanation and maybe even closure for her clearly pained companion. Along the way they push each other to the limits of exasperation and frustration, leaving "Sandra" emotionally exhausted but still undaunted after a period in which most of us, I suspect, would have jumped ship. The story itself, and the production I liked much less. It cannot have had much of a budget and in my opinion too much was left to the roller-coaster characterisations, abandoning the look and feel of the film to that rather basic, filmed early on a Sunday morning, style. It's twenty minutes too long and is extremely dialogue heavy. Whilst some of that is entertaining as well as challenging, it also never gives the audience time for the odd breather so we can actually absorb some of the information we are being pretty relentlessly bombarded with. It's thought provoking and don't expect an easy watch - do expect a BAFTA nomination for Monica Dolan though, she's very good.

Reviewed by rainysnows 2 / 10

Utterly Dire .

I had the misfortune to see this film today .I couldn't find any empathy for the main character whose behaviour was so irritating and irrational , that I really didn't care what happened to her .Ditto the mousey ,weak woman who was supposed to be her mental health worker .At times the pair of them merged into two unhinged people who lunged from farce to tears , lacking any comedic charisma at all .Whilst on their journey to ? Discovery ? They met a group doing role play of Saxons, Maypole dancers , seated yoga , singers .. as you do , on the way to Sunderland ! I was so glad when it ended .I did wonder how the shambolic mess made it to the screen .My partner fell asleep during the second half ,I envied him .One for the Poundland bin me thinks .

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