Turn Me On, Dammit!


Comedy / Romance

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Henriette Steenstrup as Alma's Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmPulse 6 / 10

A Different Kind of Sex Comedy

The concept of the adolescent sex comedy is not something movie goers haven't seen before, but the Norwegian film Turn Me On, Dammit! does offer a new perspective on a popular, yet critically maligned sub-genre. The film features everything one might expect from a sex comedy. Awkward moments, a few shocks, and several scenes of tenderness, however the thing that sets this film apart from the American Pies, is that the horny teenager in this film is a female.

The film focuses on Alma, a 15-year-old girl who lives in the small town of Skoddeheimen, and is in a constant state of fantasy, daydreaming about sleeping with nearly every man she lays eyes on. To suppress her urges, she becomes slightly addicted to calling phone sex lines, although she realizes they are a poor substitute for real human affection. She lives with her mother, who doesn't exactly know how to cope with her daughter's budding sexuality, and has difficulty approaching the subject. Alma is also in love with her neighbor Arthur, but after an incident at a party involving him, she misses her shot and becomes the school's pariah.

Adapted from a novel by Olaug Nilssen, and written and directed by Jannicke Systad, the most interesting part of Turn Me On, Dammit! is the simple fact that there's a female lead. Too often in American cinema we only see boys as dorky, sex-obsessed virgins. In our sexually repressed society, it's easy to forget that girls get horny too, and that's exactly what this film explores.

While there were certainly some embarrassing and uncomfortable moments in the film, it would be unfair to compare it to the sex comedies of America, because rather than focusing on the outlandish, this film takes a much more grounded approach. The comedy is less gross-out sight gags, and more dialogue-driven and situational.

The bleak backdrop of the one-horse town the characters live in is just enough to give the film that Euro-indie feel that we are all becoming accustomed to. Those viewers that grew up in small towns will also appreciate the stagnant feeling the characters all seem to share regarding the town.

While the majority of the film was charming, there weren't too many laugh out loud moments. Although some of the jokes may have been lost in translation, overall it was not a very funny movie. That's not to say it wasn't entertaining, just don't expect a laugh riot.

The film's climax also left something to be desired. The majority of the film moved at a relatively slow pace, then when Alma hit her lowest point, she inexplicably does a 180 and everything is sunshine and rainbows once again. One could argue this sentiment, but I would have liked to have seen a stronger resolution between Alma and her mother, and be given more inner dialogue from her explaining why she was feeling better about life.

Although Norway seems to be cranking out high quality movies left and right these days, most of them are gritty crime stories, so it's refreshing to see a more light-hearted film come our way. Turn Me On, Dammit! is a charming, yet slightly flawed coming of age story that will entertain some, and outrage others (Republicans, I'm looking at you.) Adam FilmPulse.net

Reviewed by Apex_P38 7 / 10

Cool Film with an Awesome Score

Like any other Indie Teen Movie about Sex,"Turn Me On Dammit!" is a movie about a fifteen year old girl named Alma who's hormones are out of control and desperately wants to experience sex for the first time.

Living in a very dull small Norwegian town, Alma can only daydream about Arthur (The guy at her school she crushes on) and make calls to phone sex lines just so she can pleasure herself. Basically, her life is very mono-sexual. At a party one night, Alma finds herself suddenly alone with Arthur, who out of nowhere ends up exposing himself to her and pokes her on her thigh with it. As she under reacts in her own way though still freaked out about it, Alma makes the mistake to run off and tell her "friend" who also secretly crushes on Arthur and out of jealousy ends up telling the entire school for her own benefit. As a result Alma becomes an outcast at school and no one would talk to her. To make matters worse her mother finds out about her phone sex calls and becomes aware of Alma's sexual frustration that is out of control. As Alma does her best to live life as best as she can life closes in on her as she struggles to deal with her new found solitude.

This is a very funny and cool movie that I truly enjoyed watching. It has a great young cast, along with a very honest storyline. The cinematography is simple. The color palette on this film is superb which nicely paints a picture. Filled with an awesome score of eclectic acoustic tunes, this is truly a nice simple movie to chill out to. I personally wished it been a little longer but still works out for what it is.

Overall, don't just watch this movie expecting just to see teen sex. You'll probably be somewhat disappointed if you do. This is a movie about a teenager coping with her sexual frustration at home and finding a way to deal with her public humiliation at the same time. Give it a chance, you might just enjoy yourself. 7 out of 10

Reviewed by scissorbits 8 / 10

A surprisingly honest and beautiful film

This film deeply effected me since I had many experiences in the same flavor as Alma as a teenager, and to this day have never seen or read anything that describes the specific pain of those years until now.

I felt that this film very clearly and artistically outlined the double-standard that still exists, even in a relatively feminist country like Norway. Even 30 years after the sexual revolution of the 1960s, it is still taboo for young girls to be fascinated by their own pleasure and sexuality, even though it is expected for boys to experiment early and often.

This film tells a tale which is rarely told so honestly, and instead of painful its gorgeous, smart and funny, set in a beautiful landscape with a dreamy soundtrack. The film is shot in lush colors, with cute humor... well, I big dose of cute (which I am typically allergic to), but this film won me over, big time.

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