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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80% · 25 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 93% · 5K ratings
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Top cast

Edie Falco as Peg Coughlin
Karen Sillas as Nurse Paine
Martin Donovan as Matthew Slaughter
Adrienne Shelly as Maria Coughlin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Per_Klingberg 8 / 10

Low-key Hal Hartley, view at least twice or don't

I didn't understand it right after the first viewing, but 'Trust' certainly is of Hal Hartley's finest works, excelled only by the somewhat more conventional drama 'Henry Fool'. As with many other of Hartley's earlier works, it takes a while to let the film sink into you. But with the second viewing one starts to appreciate the film's subtilities, both the dry absurd humour and the fine, deeply compassionate portraits of the characters.

The story starts up with a scene typical for Hartley: rebellious teenager Maria Coughlin informs her parents that not only will she drop out of high school, she is also pregnant. A quarrel takes place, and when her father calls her 'slut' she slaps him in the face. He drops down dead. The movie can begin.

Things get ugly for Maria. Her boyfriend, a chauvinist pig, leaves her when she informs him that she's pregnant, claiming he's not the father anyway. And at home her mother waits for her and coolly claims that since Maria's killed her husband, she is now forever in her mother's debt and have to work for her. Never again will she do housework... This is when she meets up with Matthew Slaughter, a truly gifted engineer but with a somewhat sociopathic behaviour, and filled to the brim with anger and hatered.

Martin Donovan truly does an outstanding portrait of Matthew, and perfectly manages to forge his paradoxal feelings of extreme anger and vulnerability into a fully working unit.

A deeply moving story of two scarred, somewhat maladjusted souls manage to find each other, told in a low-key mood that doesn't get to you immediately. But eventually it does, and when it're hooked.


Reviewed by imseeg 8 / 10

Unique style. A portrait of a family, who hate each other, but cant live without each other either. Fascinating, comical and touching.

Director Hal Hartley's second movie fascinated me when it was first released in 1990 and now I am still fascinated by it when I saw it this very night. Why do I feel this specific fascination? Because Hal Hartley's direction style is unique; this director uses his characters as chess pieces, who mentally (and sometimes physically) attack each other in a story about family life, in which love is synonym for hate.

It's a story about a mother and a father, who both hate their children, but who are fearful of losing their children anyway, because hate is all they have got...

However sad my above description may sound this movie is lighthearted and gentle and comical in a subtle way. And it is quite touching. Highly recommended for the art house movie fans of intelligent, subtle, quirky dramatic comedies.

Reviewed by dissident320 7 / 10

Surprisingly heartfelt and unique

I quite enjoyed this movie but it's difficult to explain what made it stand out to me. Despite being released in 1990 it feels like it has more 80s charm than some of those awful 90s teen movies. It has a tone to it more akin to Heathers.

There's not much in the way of plot but the actors really sell the roles without ever being reduced to caricatures. Adrienne Shelly was lovely and you buy her relationship with Martin Donovan. I doubt this movie could get made these days but him being in a relationship with a highschool girl is well-written. It is not overtly sexual and he is not made to be a predator preying on a naive teenager. If anything, she is more emotionally developed than him so the terms of their coupling seem to be dictated by her.

Lastly, this movie is impressively shot. Nicely composed shots, great use of close-ups for emotional scenes a few tracking shots that I thought were excellent.

All in all, it feels like a movie that could have been forgotten about but is well worth your while to check out.

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