Trunk: Locked In

2023 [GERMAN]

Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100% · 11 reviews
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 5.4/10 10 1475 1.5K


Top cast

Artjom Gilz as Enno
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seandun1111 5 / 10

No Bad...

I'm not going to say I was stuck on the edge of my seat in anyway during the movie... to be honest I watched to the end to find out why she was in the truck more than anything else... the were moments where I thought the action was coming but I'd say it was gripping in a why to find out how it would end and as I said trying to figure out why she was stuck in the trunk... the acting was good there are a few twists and turns but I would never give this film anywhere near a 10... I'm not going to call it a horror either so don't be to worried if you don't like horrors it's not in anyway scary so give it a go..

Reviewed by ZeddaZogenau 6 / 10

German Schocker with Sina MARTENS and Artjom GILZ

Medical student Malina (Sina MARTENS) finds herself trapped in the trunk of a car. She and her boyfriend (Artyom GILZ), with whom she was traveling around the world, were overwhelmed at a rest stop. Malina can make herself noticed with a cell phone, but that only helps to a limited extent. Finally, there are still some unpleasant surprises waiting for the young woman...

The AMAZON MGM STUDIOS made a remarkable German shocker by Wuppertal director Marc SCHIESSER possible. The German actress Sina MARTENS, who was just seen in the Berlinale competition entry IN LIEBE, EURE HILDE / IN LOVE, YOUR HILDE by Andreas DRESEN, delivers a magnificent performance in a very small space. Artjom GILZ, who has been known since the series MILK AND HONEY on the German private television channel VOX in 2018, plays her smart friend Enno. Luise HELM, Scarlett JOHANSSON's voice actress, can be heard as the voice of policewoman Elisa.

The story is a bit reminiscent of the Spanish shocker BURIED (2010) with Ryan REYNOLDS, but is independent enough not to be boring. The camera work, the wealth of ideas and the great motorway scenes from the Ruhr area, where the German hit series ALARM FÜR COBRA 11 is filmed, are particularly convincing.

Good genre films can also be made in German-speaking countries. Financially, however, you need the funds of the global streaming giants.

It's also very nice that a popular classic like ICH BIN WIE DU / I AM LIKE YOU by the German pop singer Marianne ROSENBERG is given a completely new honor.


Reviewed by xnicofingerx 5 / 10

I wasn't trunk enough

Not a long film, but one that feels like it lasts forever. Logically, difficult terrain: cramped scenario, minimal setting, essentially one-person acting. Only in terms of realism does the script reach into all possible realms to fill the time.

Malina: not a character you warm to, but nothing to criticise in terms of acting.

The driver: an unrealistic, self-important weirdo. No, not a psychopath, a weirdo!

Probably more a film for the cinema, not because of the big screen, but because any distraction at home is probably welcome, and therefore deadly in terms of attention.

After all, it's a German genre film, naturally for this reason without the involvement of German compulsory levies. Nevertheless, neither the setting in general nor the realisation here in particular is my playground.

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