Trouble in the Sky


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.5/10 10 416 416


Top cast

Peter Cushing as Capt. Judd
George Sanders as Sir Arnold Hobbes
Bernard Lee as Capt. Gort
Delphi Lawrence as Joyce Mitchell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by clmrshll-203-370035 7 / 10

good British Heavy metal

Unlike lots of other films shown on the recently opened 'Moving Pictures' T.V. channel I had never heard of this film so it was fresh to me. The connection to the Comet Airliner trouble was apparent so this film made so soon after the events must have had some impact.

The cast was typical British 50/60's regulars and Bernard lee played the main character with restraint. I was surprised when Peter Cushing popped up sometime later as a unsympathetic character.

The plot Basically revolved around the stitch up of senior Pilot, Capt. Gort played by Mr Lee for a fatal crash in a new Jet airliner, with the airline and plane makers unwilling to admit a fault with either the aircraft or its correct operation. Despite being found responsible for the crash and calls for only young hotshot pilots to be let loose on the new jet, Gort defies the ageism and passes all flight tests he's asked to perform. These tests are carried out by the much younger Capt. Dallas played by Micheal Craig, who initially is doubtful of Gort's ability but is soon persuaded of Gort's Skill.

Dallas also takes an immediate shine to Gorts young and attractive daughter played by Elizabeth Seal. All goes well until Gort crashes another jet this time killing himself, in similar conditions to the first crash. Miss Gort and Capt. Dallas then team up to exonerate the late Capt. Gort,and reveal other near misses by other crews. Armed this with this they persuade the designer to modify the operating instructions and narrowly prevent another disaster. Having established the real cause Capt. Gort is absolved of blame, albeit too late for him.

It was good to see an almost unknown aircraft the Avro Ashton in some detail. I had only ever seen the 4 engine version on old newsreel, but was unaware it had been used as a test bed for an engine manufacturer having 2 extra Bristol Olympus fitted. Its ironic that the Aircraft in the film plot suffered from lack of power but would actually have had vast amounts of power with 4 RR Nene and 2 Bristol Olympus and should have gone like a rocket!

Reviewed by writers_reign 7 / 10

Tale Of The Comet

Unlike Nevil Shute's No Highway which dealt with metal fatigue in aeroplanes, a natural rather than man-made flaw, Cone Of Silence centres on a failure of design and the attempt by the manufacturers to cover it up by citing pilot error as the cause of a disaster. The plot follows closely the travails of the very real DeHavilland Comet even to the point about the nose and the production company have wheeled out a strong cast of familiar faces with Bernard Lee in a rare leading role as the scapegoat pilot George Gort. Also on hand are Peter Cushing, Gordon Jackson, Michael Craig, George Sanders and an insipid Elizabeth Seal, a vivacious stage actress who enjoyed a huge success as Irma La Douce but was unable to transfer her charisma to the screen. For a film centering on a design flaw - by extension highly technical - it does hold the attention and is well worth ninety minutes of anyones' time.

Reviewed by swanjac 7 / 10

based on the story of the Comet, the worlds first Jet Airliner

I haven't seen this film for years, which is a pity because all i remember are a few powerful scenes thanks to the very impressive cast. Based on true events, but subtly changed to avoid law-suits, its actually a compelling little drama, a shame it hasn't been shown more often. The story on which it is based, the KNOWN Design Flaws in the Comet which were Covered up by the De Havilland company, and the subsequent "sacrifice" of an entire airline and its passengers in Italy, is actually screaming out to be remade! In this case, the truth is far worse than the film, decent noble people save the day, in the reality alas...less noble and darker motives won...and people died needlessly. The performances in this little melodrama were so good, i actually remembered this film for at least 25 years...thats when i last saw it i think..well worth catching.

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