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Reviewed by R3aperCr3w 6 / 10

6/10 stars ratings - R3aPerCr3W

A great scenery and good choice of the house. Back to nature of course nothing can go wrong with this choice. Most Horror movie will be in a remote places far from civilization.

It is the best places to keep secrets and to keep all your activities under the rather well at least for such a time. You know there are sayings .. you can lie to some people at one time but cannot lie to all of the people all the time.

For once this movie portrays a strong will women. Normally horror movies will bank in on a weak and fragile women or lady . Which tend to scream every three minutes or so but not in this number . It is totally different quote un quote.

One more thing this film does not emphasize on jump scare tactics like another anomaly in any given horror movies . Another plus point from my point of view.

All in all its a good watch but there are not much connection or chemistry shown between Rara and Sutan and the acting seems blend.

Another surprise for this movie is that they took Malaysian actor and yeah that provides a variety . I must say a great variety to watch anyways.

Reviewed by el7 6 / 10

Beautiful filmography, whiplash plot.

Trinil is the childhood nickname of one of the main characters in the movie. I won't spoil that for you, since you'll find out soon enough in the runtime. The film starts with a newspaper montage of the passage of Pancasila in Indonesia, which serves as both a scene setter and a metaphor for what you're about to watch. Then we cut to a night scene on a plantation in which three watchmen scare the crap out of each other with a ghost story. Very soon afterward, we find out the ghost story is true. The lighting, scenery, costuming, special effects, shot setups, just everything really, is extremely well done.

Then we start meeting the main cast. Truthfully, it's also well acted, the players doing the best they can with a script that asks you to just go with it when they make decisions that make no sense whatsoever given what we've already been shown about them. This was adapted from a radio play, which perhaps lent itself better to sudden plot twists that can coax the audience to stay with it even when a character just did a 180 degree about face on what you believed they were capable of. The writing should have been adapted better to the film medium, which is less elastic when balancing character motivation against a juicy plot. But the movie is still quite watchable, even though halfway through you realize you can't trust any of them so you might as well not get too attached.

The first act of the movie sets up the situation with the haunted plantation and the young couple (the heiress and her new husband) who have moved in and seem to be the focus of the haunt. The husband, Sutan, finds out that his old school buddy Yusof is a psychiatrist/exorcist (yes really) and hires him to help rid them of their ghost. In the process of uncovering what the ghost wants, Yusof stumbles upon a mystery involving the heiress Rara's mother, who disappeared under shady circumstances.

The second act of the movie gives us that backstory about Rara's mother Rahayu, and it's heavily inspired by Snow White. It also tries to set up a paradigm of righteousness versus cravenness through the behaviors of the secondary cast, but with the main cast behaving so inconsistently it's not very successful.

The final act turns quite gory as it tries to wrap up all the loose ends and give a sense of closure. Again, it's not very successful largely due to inconsistent characterizations. But then it gave us that gotcha final frame and kind of won me over again. I'd say give it a watch if you like good cinematography and can tolerate a horror movie in which you're fine with not getting too invested in any of the main characters.

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