Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive



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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10

And alive he is...

I have never actually watched Tracey Morgan do stand-up comedy like this, well aside from Saturday Night Live, which is something else entirely.

I must say that I didn't even know that he was in an accident either.

Anyway, moving on...

I will say that he was actually quite funny on the stage and he had a good amount of jokes that were hilarious and well-delivered.

The intro sequence he put together for this stand-up comedy show was quite nice, and I thoroughly enjoyed that.

All in all an entertaining stand-up show and definitely worth sitting down to watch if you want to be entertained.

Reviewed by gmizzle-82831 10 / 10


Tracy Morgan is so funny. I went into Netflix after awhile of not using it and the first thing I saw was that Tracy Morgan did a new special. I was so excited and I had to see it. And Tracy did not disappoint. This is a must see for people who like stand up comedy. Words cannot describe how hilarious this is.

Reviewed by sisdisd 1 / 10

really boring

Just saw this. It was downright garbage. Not in the sense that it was crude or offensive, but in that it was so not funny.

In fact, trust me when I tell you that you SHOULD watch it when you can watch it for free, so that you can see what I mean, and so hopefully someone can come back and explain how something like this gets off the ground and into production and actually presented to the public.

If you laugh once, at anything in this, I'd be surprised.

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