Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller


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Reviewed by gtsfck 6 / 10


i saw this movie when i was very young and i remember that i enjoyed it. i don't remember very many details of the movie, but maybe this will give you an idea before you watch it. it was kind of difficult to understand what was going on in certain parts. it is often funny in a random way. the acting is kind of weird sometimes, at least that is what i though. your opinion of the movie will depend on what you are expecting out of the movie. if you are expecting great acting and an excellent storyline, you might be disappointed. as long as you begin watching it with an open mind, you should be okay. but it really is entertaining for younger viewers. that is, ones that watch more than just animated programs.

Reviewed by Beta_Gallinger 6 / 10

Fairly entertaining at times, but a little too tedious

This family adventure movie, produced in Canada, was released when I was two years old, before any of my earliest memories (I think). I obviously didn't see it when it was brand new, but remember seeing a lot of it several times in the 90's. However, I don't recall ever watching it right to the end in my childhood, as I could never remember how it ended. At 23 years old, I've finally gotten around to seeing "Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller", the whole film, from start to finish, after not seeing any part of it for maybe around fifteen years. This probably wouldn't have happened if I hadn't remembered it from my childhood. I thought much of the movie was reasonable, thanks to the humour, but eventually, it got a little tiring.

Ralph James and his con artist friend, Tommy Tricker, are both elementary school kids who collect stamps. Tommy likes to use stamps as a way to swindle his peers, and even does this at school, until Albert, the leader of the stamp club, stops him. Unfortunately, when Tommy comes over to Ralph's house one day, Ralph becomes another one of his victims. Tommy tricks him into trading one of his dad's rare stamps, and Ralph doesn't realize he's been tricked until the young schemer is on his way, and it's too late! Ralph knows he will be in trouble when his dad finds out, and his sister, Nancy, decides to help him try and get it back or find a replacement. After failed attempts, the siblings discover how to magically shrink and travel inside a stamp, and Ralph decides to do just that, in a search to find Charles Merriweather, a stamp traveler who has been missing for 75 years!

This movie is not billed as a comedy, but I probably wouldn't be able to give it an above average rating if it weren't for the times I laughed. I think many people would agree that the film clearly has more for kids than adults, with a storyline that could easily bore adults. I can't forget such comedic highlights as the way Albert tells Tommy to stop swindling other students with stamps, Ralph locking himself up while his dad tries to get him to come out, and the chase through the mall (featuring an early appearance from Rufus Wainwright, years before his music career took off). I did not care much for Tommy as a character, with some of the things he does, such as the prank he pulls on Albert early in the film. Mind you, even that character can be funny at times. Unfortunately, in the end, the humour is not consistent enough to carry the film, and to me, the film seemed a little overlong. If it were shorter, I might be able to rate it 7/10, instead of 6, but as it is, I can't say I highly recommend it for adults.

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