Tomie: Unlimited



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dopefishie 6 / 10

Easily one of the best Tomie films

Easily one of the best Tomie films. Not high praise because so many of those films are quite terrible. This one rises above the rest with better acting and better pacing than the rest!

But the special effects are god awful.

Don't expect too much. Just have fun with it!

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10

The weirdest Tomie yet

TOMIE: UNLIMITED (2011) is the last and perhaps oddest of the strange Japanese TOMIE film series. These are all stand-alone movies connected by the recurring character of Tomie, a female high schooler who brings death and destruction to all around her. This quick-paced little movie was brought to us by the guy who made MACHINE GIRL, and it certainly ups the ante when it comes to bizarre, SFX-fuelled body horror. A low budget and unconvincing film throughout, nonetheless it offers up MYSTICS IN BALI-style floating heads, bodily dismemberment, HOW TO GET AHEAD IN ADVERTISING-style shoulder growths, centipedes made of human heads, a Tomie kaiju and sundry other creepiness. It plays out as a nightmare captured on film and, kind as I am to its failings, I found it the most entertaining of all TOMIE movies.

Reviewed by vainblood 6 / 10

Unlimited craziness

Here comes the first not so positive review of this movie because I had high expectations and by the end I was a bit disappointed.

First I want to say that I'm a fan of Asian horror, so I'm not the average viewer just coming here to bash it. It's very original in it's plot and imagery, and that's what makes it worth watching in my opinion. It starts as a pretty serious story with the emphasis on suspense but then it turns into something else entirely and here the problems begin. There is just too much of everything and I found myself laughing because it was so ridiculously overdone. The cheap but disgusting effects doesn't exactly make it better but the acting is good and keeps it together in one piece, allowing you to explore this descent into madness for what it's worth. First there is one Tomie, then one and a half, then three...wait, how many was that again? Yes, it's like that...

I think the point was to make something different that stands out and as such it's very successful. Sometimes you even stare in awe because you don't know what to expect the next second and that's very good because it's impossible to predict the ending. But overall it's too weird and disjointed to be a solid piece of horror. I can recommend this to the hardcore fan but not the average viewer, unless you want something new that crosses the line.

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