TikTok Star Murders



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mandagrammy 9 / 10

Very Interesting True Crime Documentary

As true crime documentaries go, this one is very well produced. We get a very clear picture of the main protagonists and what makes them tick. This is a sad story that has been told far too many countless times, but with the addition of actual eyewitness visuals to make the picture even clearer. That is, of course, thanks to our modern phenomenon of online videos found on social media platforms. In this case we can clearly see the inevitable and painful progression of an abusive relationship that ends in a horrific way which affects countless lives. I must add that I appreciate the fact that they did not end the doc until we get to see the end results.

Reviewed by reviews1958 6 / 10

A Cautionary Tale but won't be seen

Meaning won't be seen by those that need to see it.

Calling this murderer a "star" is laughable. Call him what he is. This would have been better titled "The Tik Tok Murderer". It would've garnered more attention.

I'm old enough to know that persons who feel the need to document every single second of their lives online are mentally ill. Plain and simple. Then throw on top of that those who post their lives actually believing the fake persona. Then, in this case they start to be believe their actor material. Then the narcissistic mental illness and ideation increases min by min.

I feel for Ana but domestic abuse victims need to recognize that they are. They also need to visualize themselves lying on the floor with several bullets. They need to visualize never seeing family members or if they have children ever seeing their children again. To solve that becoming a distinct possibility they need to get out and distance themselves as far away from these sick individuals as possible. There are so many resources. Free resources at that to assist. But this is an age old story of those who protect their abusers by believing an internal lie that the abuser will get better. Well, they will. Better at manipulating and better at killing them.

I simply cannot understand why a mother would want to demonstrate to their children the picture of abuse and allowing it to happen. In other words teaching them that if this happens to them, they just need to take it. A better lesson would be to demonstrate leaving the abuser.

Reviewed by W_L_Campbell 8 / 10

Formulaic But Important

There is nothing special about the delivery of this documentary. It follows the formula of every other true crime documentary and podcast in existence. There is a prologue, a beginning, a middle, and an end.

That is why the subjects of the documentary stand out so spectacularly.

We are taken on the mild ride of minor stardom that Ali Abulaban embarks upon as JinnKid, a dull persona made of lackluster Skyrim NPC impressions as well as just-okay celebrity impressions. Along the way, he finds Ana, a beautiful woman that the audience quickly realizes is far too good for him. Ana satiates his ego for a time, but her beauty and her yearning for just a touch of independence unlocks a creeping darkness inside him.

Following in the footsteps of so many other wannabes before him and faced with the prospect of slowly losing his wife and daughter, Abulaban is absorbed by his alter ego and begins an erratic spiral fueled by jealousy and cocaine, eventually culminating in the ultimate act of evil.

"TikTok Star Murders" highlights the dangers of unchecked social media and the society that shapes its worst offenders through its insatiable appetite for the mediocre talents of pretty amateurs on camera. This documentary should be shown to every teenager in America-if not the world-to spark conversation about what is truly important in life. Spoiler alert: it's not TikTok.

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