Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted



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Tig Notaro as Self
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tabipha 1 / 10

How, just how?!

I would give 0 if I could!! HOW does anyone find her funny at all?!? But then again, if u look at all the crap on today and the amount of people that watch it and think it is funny, u then can understand that the intelligence of the masses is quite lacking and that is HOW anyone can find her funny!! I just saw something else of hers where she started her set by saying her mother died tragically like it was a punchline of some joke, and she repeated it numerous times and then spent almost her whole set pushing a wooden stool around the stage to make it make an awful noise, then had someone sit on it and try to push it!! This just hi-lights how NOT funny she is!! I have given her a try in various forms - stand up, TV show, even just conversations she had with people that i saw - and found NONE of it to be amusing in the least!! I love dry wit, and I like a lot of stuff that a lot of people don't find funny, but listening to her makes my brain physically hurt!! How anyone can say she is great is beyond me, but then again, these are probably the same people that elected Trump!! Avoid her if u have ANY intellect at all, you'll thank me later!!

Reviewed by Icedooitle 8 / 10

Not laugh out loud, something bigger.

Like many comedy fans, my introduction to Tig occurred during a Comedy Central Presents in the early 2000's. While it felt like I was seeing a work-in-progress I have thought about a few of those jokes regularly ever since. Her underground status broke mainstream with a remarkable show she did at The Largo in 2012. Fresh off of several personal tragedies, she performed an impossible set that will likely live immortally at that venue.

With a couple of documentaries about her struggles growing her name, this special had a good deal riding on it for her. I can't imagine she will have a hard go of it getting stage time at any US club, but this is a test to many for their tolerance of her subtle and measured style. Many portions are brilliant and understated. There are few moments gut- busting but a wealth of genuinely funny material. Thoughtful is underrated with comedy audiences, but inherently effective. You will remember a good deal more from this set than cheap quips from others. There are fewer words per minute than almost any set I've ever seen, timing is pushed to the limit.

The set isn't perfect, but honest and meaningful. She shows a vulnerability that is as literal as it gets. You're hearing this from someone who fell in love with her years ago, but for viewers, she deserves more than traditional comic consideration.

Reviewed by reidpp 1 / 10


Stopped watching after 10 min-her jokes were about how she does terrible stand-up. Only joke is on audience who paid for the show.

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