Thrive II: This is What it Takes


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Reviewed by BertNachos 1 / 10

Here, hold my beer, RFK Jr

Wow, another documentary by these filthy rich benefactors of the Proctor & Gamble fortune after 186 years of greedy generational wealth, trickle down economic policies and doing everything possible to not pay taxes espousing affluent effluent on your life choices. I'll save you 2 hours 32 minutes and 25 seconds of your precious time and give you the gist in two extra simple sentences cutting through the gibberish.

Unregulated hyper capitalism good. Democratic socialism bad.

It's not surprising that this privileged power couple puff piece by pretend film producers and directors wastes most of its time spreading inane woo-worthy conspiracy theories while avoiding the real problems we as humans face in the 21st century, like the climate crisis, access to humane health care for all and better wealth distribution.

Democratic socialism is not Marxism or communism. The key tenet to this belief is the fair division of the profits from the fruits of the labor between the workers and the owners. Billionaire and millionaire owners, CEO's, board members and major stockholders, the 1%ers, don't like to share our wealth and make movies like this to induce the gullible to give up their dignity, pride and their own best interests.

I'm sure not having universal health care works great for the filthily rich who can waste their money on vanity projects like this Prop Doc but screw the rest of us, the worker bees, in middle and lower classes, the peons. There is nothing like losing everything you've acquired, because you can't afford the treatment or the medication and become homeless,. Fortune is not your legacy or your friend, you were not born with a golden spoon in your mouth, and when you, your spouse, or a loved one, succumbs to cancer or needs major surgery after you retire and have lost the company insurance for whom you toiled for most of your life, you sell everything you have, and its still not enough it's too bad, so sad, thoughts and prayers..

Reviewed by / 10

Reviewed by RavidDavid 1 / 10

More Drivel

A vanity project by Kimberly Carter Gamble which promotes his conspiracy theories. However, no credible evidence is given. Just because someone is rich enough to make such a series of films does not add any validity to the claims made.

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