Three Blind Mice


Action / Horror


Top cast

May Kelly as Abigail
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JUICEZ-49ers 4 / 10

Giving it 4 for its attempt

I like the odd cheap horror movie, but some are just so bad I can't even watch past 10 mins ( canibal cabin ) for one.

Yes the acting is terrible, the cgi is mega drive era and the costumes are not the best. But like I said I have seen worse.

I kept watching to the end because I was intigued and to be fair I found it quit interesting and something different.

Had this have had a bigger budget I think I would have really enjoyed it alot more. The main thing I found that let it down apart from the above mentioned, is the sound effects. Hits and kills have no sound, and it sounded like it was filmed in a warhouse off of a phone. It was tinny and echoed.

But not bad for a budget horror and if you enjoy cheap thrills it's ok.

Reviewed by authorjrhawkins 2 / 10

I enjoy bad horror films, but this was unwatchable.

Where do I start? The horrendous acting? The non-existent story? The fact this entire film feels like it was written and filmed in the span of two hours?

You'll know within the first 5 minutes whether you'll be able to bear watching this crapfest. The whole thing honestly felt like anohter 'Wrong Turn" sequel, and if you've ever seen those, you KNOW how pathetic they are towards the end.

The acting is pathetic, the characters are some of the worst written I have seen in a film, and the plot feels like they just made it up as they filmed. The ONLY saving grace of this film is that the special effects and makup are decent. Not good, but decent. (That gives it an additional star)

This new wave of Children's characters turned into horror films trend had so much promise when it was first proposed, but after seeing what it has been so far, I want it to disappear from the horror film scene of eternity.

There just isn't anything of substance here. Even if you like bad horror, you'll struggle to find much in this one.


Reviewed by Patient444 3 / 10

Wrong turn 8 with cross-species.

When you have no budget for a horror you either pick the in-the-woods genre or the zombie flick. This one obviously picked the first one.

Now about the movie itself I have very few things to elaborate because as the saying goes, if you have nothing good to say, stay quiet.

The monsters here are terrible and they make no sense. They provide no scares, no tension or suspense but sadly, only torture porn. A lot of explicit on screen torture in order to shock, because it just couldn't do more. Very cheap production that relied on never ending screams, dark scenes and very bad characters. Such movies should stop appearing, these aren't the 80s anymore, when people where still experimenting. It just isn't something anyone would like to see.

Can you imagine inviting someone to view this one?

  • Hello, would you like to see a horror of three blind human rat men that go around killing people in the woods, as graphic as possibly on a micro budget?

Sadly..Three Blind Mice was made. I'm quite furious I got to see this..but someone had to take a bullet for the horror community. The one good thing I can say about it is the fact that it shows the villains from the very first scene and once you lay your eyes on them, you'll know what to expect.

Avoid this. Try movies like Creep 2004, Mimic 1997 or Devil's Pass 2013. Those are fun.


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