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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arrfan30 7 / 10

A Decent Thriller

The main feat in this film that made me write a review is the screenplay of this film. The story is based on Human Trafficking. Right from the first scene, the film carries into a deep thriller which would hook up any viewer. The characters are well-designed and they do what they're told. The plot is as any usual thriller and there is nothing new in this film as far the story is concerned but the screenplay is well executed.

'Maayi' is the name of the lead character who's a independent strong women. A humanitarian, a cardiologist and a wife who fights to bring down the guys who were responsible for her husband's death. Her character is one of the main things to watch out for in the film. The role of the other main character 'Navin' is about a guy who has lost his sister in broad daylight starts searching and proves that he would go to any extent to save her. His acting was acceptable and nothing seemed negative.

The relation between the two lead characters is very neatly portrayed. This cannot be considered as any regular film as the logic seemed intact in almost all the scenes and it is really difficult to find a film without any glitches especially in thriller genre. The flow was really smooth throughout the film and none of the parts were boring.

Overall verdict : If you want a decent thriller with expected twists and turns, then go for Thira. Do not expect too much cause you might be disappointed.

Reviewed by yashmishra91 9 / 10

Everything Is Assured!

What else can you expect from a great thriller like this which grips you within its every frame. Director Vineeth Srinivasan comes with a socio thriller after directing a spate of hit films (Malarvadi Arts Club/2010 and Thattathin Marayathu/ 2012), which despite few having draggy moments and extra emotional quotient, scores and successfully grips you. The film's taut screenplay by Rakesh Mantodi brilliantly builds up the suspense and makes you grip along with the beautiful cinematography by Jomon. T. John and editing by Ranjan Abraham which pumps up the suspense well and adds beautiful visual touch within every frame and the music score by Shaan Rahman compliments the film's pace beautifully. Coming to the performances, Shobhana: Take A Bow, for her classy act repeating her excellence in films like "Thalapathi" and "Mitr: My Friend", debutant Dhyan Srinivasan is another great discovery of Malayalam Cinema where he successfully delivers a great performance and Deepak Parambol and the rest are good. Srinivasan's narration, despite a bit slow pace in between, makes a brilliant cinematic roller coaster ride worth of your ticket. My rating would be: 4/ 5

Reviewed by drjineesh 6 / 10


Thira is a crisp thriller movie that stands true to its genre with no pretensions. Nothing is contrived and nothing forced as the movie sets off on an unwavering course at breathtaking pace from start to finish.

Premises are dark, and the theme brutal, as women trafficking forms the crux of the film; where the lowly protagonists cross swords with the powerful giants in shadows. The versatile veteran Shobhana leads the pack of actors with an inspiring portrayal of Dr. Rohini Pranab, while the débutant Dhyan pleases with a mature performance, that was unexpectedly and most surprisingly not lost in the shadows of a much acclaimed actress. Casting is superb with generous array of new faces, that fits even little roles like a glove. The camera, the colors and the music (Splendid work by Shaan Rahman) blends seamlessly with the film adding to the atmosphere.

On the downside the film though fast paced, is merely a point to point chase with directions at each point for the next destination; and barring a semblance of a curve; lacks genuine twists or turns. On a lesser note, Shobhana's hoarse whispering and exhalations do tend to tire ones ear towards the end.

The brilliant screenplay and exemplary direction carries off the movie with aplomb and the ones who looked in for a taut thriller are left savoring a chilling recipe with content.

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