Thief of Hearts


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50% · 1K ratings
IMDb Rating 5.7/10 10 1922 1.9K

Top cast

Steven Bauer as Scott Muller
John Getz as Ray Davis
David Caruso as Buddy Calamara
George Wendt as Marty Morrison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jucsetmai 6 / 10

Thief Of Hearts on blu-ray

Funny, looking for some old papers, i came across with some old stuff in my closet, among some old movies I found a VHS tape of this movie, that contains unrated scenes for foreign version. I also owe the DVD, and as you said is cut to hell. I remember this VHS version to be more explicit in some parts. I'm a fan of this movie and I wish some day we wil get a decent Blu ray transfer coming soon on paramount pictures mod blu-ray release December

Reviewed by whpratt1 6 / 10

Captivating Film

This film starts out with a drive over the Golden Gate Bridge and into the City of San Francisco with fantastic music in the background and through out the entire picture. John Getz (Ray Davis), " A Day without a Mexican" plays the role as a husband who writes children's books and has reached the top of his field. Ray is married to Barbara Williams,(Mickey Davis),"Forever Evil" who is getting rather unsatisfied with her marriage as her husband is always at his typewriter and never in bed where she wants him. Steven Bauer,(Scott Muller) "The Lost City", actually runs into Mickey Davis and things progress to the boiling point between the both of them. David Caruso,(Buddy Calamara),"Blue City", plays the role of a slime ball, who is a very evil character and looks quite young in 1984. Great tale with plenty of twists and turns and I simply Love The Ending. Enjoy

Reviewed by rollo_tomaso 10 / 10

Magnificent neo-Hitchcock

This movie was bitterly panned upon its release, and I see a number of IMDB's reviewers agree with the original critics. I don't get it, except that this movie does such a good idea of taking you inside Stephen Bauer's character and what he is doing is so creepy that people react viscerally to him instead of the movie. The movie is engrossing, brilliantly photographed and well-paced. The camera angles and the chemistry between Bauer and Williams are reminiscent of what Hitchcock tried to do in Vertigo, but much less forced and contrived. All these characters behave in character. I really consider this one of the best romantic thrillers of all time. Yes, it is erotic. Why is that a bad thing? 10/10.

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