They Called Him Mostly Harmless


Action / Crime / Documentary / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by comradecupcake 6 / 10

A fascinating doc, but you need to know what you're getting

As a fan of various YouTube mystery and crime channels, I recall the tale of Mostly Harmless popping up from time to time. Eventually it was "solved" but the strange, sad and lonely tale retained its interest. If you'd like to hear more about that, I recommend checking out channels on YouTube like Scary Mysteries or Barely Sociable.

What THIS particular documentary represents is the story around the mystery. It's about the toxic and fannish world of True Crime aficionados, the infighting, the clashes, the betrayals and the often sad lives of the people behind the reddit accounts. Yes, the story of Mostly. Harmless is explored, but it's on the periphery.

If you go in knowing what you're getting, that this is as much or more about the amateur forum posters attempting to solve the mystery and give a name to the enigmatic hiker, then you're in for a very fascinating documentary.

But if you're already familiar with the case and looking for a break down or, worse, just looking for a proper investigative mystery, then you will probably come away disappointed and feeling a bit cheated.

Reviewed by Calicodreamin 4 / 10

Not the sleuths

I cannot with these internet sleuths, they are ridiculous, sitting at their computers, harassing real people and only thinly doing good things. Then they try to lay claim to discoveries that they are loosely connected to uncovering. Centering a documentary around these people gives them notoriety that they simply do not deserve. The story itself is interesting if you're willing to weed through the self-centered commentary by the sleuths and focus on the mystery. The ending is pretty good, but mostly goes to show how off kilter many of the tangents the "facebook group" took were, just doing too much.

Reviewed by Airman87 5 / 10

Perspective from someone who is experienced where he died...

I am a Florida Trail hiker. I know the area he died. The only real mystery you'll find in Mostly Harmless' story is the struggle to identify him. I do not know why the media continues making his death some grand mystery.

Here are the real facts. He would have known there was a road, a tourist-filled animal adventure park, and even a town with emergency services just a half-day's hike away; because that is the direction he came from! If he had an emergency (i.e. Caught giardia) and was able to hike out, he could have just turned around from where he came from and went for help. A fatal snake bite is a high possibility, but an autopsy report would have shown that.

What likely happened is he starved himself on his journey southward to such a frail state that he ended up getting heat stroke that was fatal. He probably had not been drinking, felt delirious and cold, so he went inside his tent to lay down, lost consciousness, and that was it... The time of year and conditions are brutal, and there is some uncertainty about his water filtration/supply. It is possible he was also rationing water because he did not want to drink water from the swamp and canals.

The only unanswered question about this case is: Was the starvation intentional (to end his own life) or was the starvation due to his hubris and penny-pinching? He was unprepared for basically the entirety of his journey. Was he just trying to just be cheap and buy/eat as little food as possible? He was known to work for free meals along the way, despite having more than enough cash to make it to Key West (his final destination where he wanted to get a job). He was likely saving that cash for rent money and refused to buy basic supplies, having previously had an eating disorder where he refused to eat, he would be accustomed to it.

Either way, it is a sad story, even if he was (supposedly) outcasted for being violent toward other people in his past. I just personally don't believe there is anything very mysterious here other than a story that makes people gossip.

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