The Young in Heart


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78% · 250 ratings
IMDb Rating 7.3/10 10 1618 1.6K

Top cast

Paulette Goddard as Leslie Saunders
Janet Gaynor as George-Anne Carleton
Richard Carlson as Duncan Macrae
Billie Burke as Marmy Carleton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ferbs54 8 / 10

A Delightful Treat

What a delightful treat this little movie turned out to be! Not daffy enough to be considered a screwball yet too amusing to be regarded as anything but a comedy, "The Young In Heart" (1938) shows us what happens when an entire nuclear family of con artists finally gains a conscience, while living with a sweet, rich old lady who they are trying to bilk. And what a bunch of performers have been collected to portray that family! Roland "Topper" Young (in heart) plays the father, Sahib; everyone's favorite twittery witch, Billie Burke, is the mom; Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. is the son; and Janet Gaynor, here in her last role before her comeback 20 years later (in "Bernardine"), plays the daughter. All give delicious comedic performances, and are ably abetted by former stage actress Minnie Dupree, excellent and understated as the little old lady, and Paulette Goddard, who Dougy is trying to woo. This is a David Selznick picture--it came between the previous year's "A Star Is Born" and the following year's "GWTW"--and is yet another class production for the legendary showman. But the real operative word for this film is "charm," which it exudes more than any other single ingredient. And my goodness, just how pretty is Janet Gaynor here, right before her retirement? Well, she makes even the yummy-looking Paulette Goddard look second best, and that should tell you something! Anyway, all in all, this picture is a real joy, and the crisp-looking DVD offered here only adds to the pleasure.

Reviewed by kash001 7 / 10

The Young in Heart - Art Deco dream!

I won't duplicate what other reviews have said about the charming plot, actors and the story line, they have said it well enough. But one thing that I found unmentioned are the beautiful Art Deco settings and feel to the film; it's an Art Deco lovers dream. The office that Paulette Goddard works in and where she meets Douglas Fairbanks Jr. is stunning to say the least. The showroom where the Flying Wombat cars (1938 Phantom Corsairs)are sold is equally beautiful. And then there are the cars, they have to be one of the most gorgeous cars ever designed. I looked into their history it's too bad that they never made it into production. I'm also a terrier fancier so I was so pleased to see Sealyham terriers worked into the story, a lot of them(the very last shot of the movie is well worth waiting for) They were very popular in Hollywood during the 1930's and early '40's and unfortunately have almost disappeared entirely. All in all, a beautifully made film that will leave you feeling good. A little corny but what's wrong with that?

Reviewed by AlsExGal 7 / 10

Sentimental comedy-drama about a family of con artists ...

..., the Carltons, who meet a rich, lonely old lady and move into her lavish London home to keep her company while hoping to get written into her will.

Roland Young and Billie Burke play the parents, with Janet Gaynor and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. As their charming offspring. A monocled Young passes himself off as a former member of the Bengal Lancers, a role he had actually played in a Toronto stage presentation. Richard Carlson, in his film debut, plays a young Scotsman in love with Gaynor, while Paulette Goddard plays Fairbanks' boss of an engineering firm at which he is hired who takes an interest in him (and vice versa). Stage veteran Minnie Dupree plays the old lady, ironically named Miss Fortune.

This handsomely mounted Selznick production remains a charming delight throughout, with engaging performances from the entire cast. Scenes of sentiment that could easily have turned mawkish are rescued from that fate by the sincere performance of Miss Dupree as a kind, trusting soul. Also the love interests (Carleton, Goddard) of the fortune hunting offspring are both in on their schemes fairly early so there's no later nastiness in the film. It may be predictable where sentimental material of this nature will be headed but the charm of the writing and cast helps to maintain our interest.

Roland, by the way, gets hired as a salesman for a sleek lined, futuristic car called The Flying Wombat, which had car enthusiasts excited. The car in the film, a Phantom Corsair, cost $12,000 to make and can be seen speeding down lane ways in the film. It was going to be produced in limited numbers but those plans ended when its inventor died suddenly. Still, the Phantom Corsair or "Flying Wombat" can, at least, be seen in the film today.

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